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PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS -- The Cal/EPA Library provides online access to the first group of journals listed below, through paid subscriptions. The journals are accessible by all Cal/EPA staff at their office PCs. Staff should be aware that copyright restrictions and license agreements govern use of the fee-based online journals. Cal/EPA staff cannot provide access to these licensed e-journals, or distribute content from them in any form, to anyone outside the Agency.

CAUTION: Some publishers base their subscription prices on their subscribers' usage statistics. Please help us control our subscription costs by accessing articles needed for Cal/EPA business only.

See a list of free, ‘open access’ journals

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OPEN ACCESS -- The Cal/EPA Library supports the open access philosophy of increased access to the research literature in science and other fields. These open access journals are peer-reviewed publications. More information on open access and additional journals are available at these websites:

You can also access abstracts and some full text of academic journals, magazines and newspapers from California State Library Online Resources

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