Residential Cooking Exposure Study
Final Report

This page updated January 17, 2006.

Residential Cooking Exposure Study

Final Report

Research scientists recently completed an ARB-funded study that showed very high levels of several pollutants in indoor air during different types of cooking activities. The levels measured for some cooking activities exceeded health-based standards and guidelines, and could pose a potential risk to home occupants, especially susceptible groups of the population such as young children and the elderly. This is the first comprehensive study of indoor air pollutant exposures from a wide variety of cooking activities in a home.

Overview of the Study

The sections of the Final Report are listed below:


Cover, Table of Contents, Executive Summary


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ARB - Section 2, Revision 1


ARB - Section 3, Revision 3


ARB - Section 4

5. & 6.

ARB - Section 5 and 6 Revisions


ARB - Section 7 - References
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