Innovative Clean Air Technologies Program (ICAT)

This page last modified March 15, 2013

ICAT was an Air Resources Board program from 1993 through 2008 that co-funded the demonstration of innovative technologies that could reduce air pollution. Its purpose was to advance such technologies toward commercial application, thereby reducing emissions and helping the economy of California.  ICAT is no longer an active ARB program. 

Purpose of ICAT

Development of any new air pollution control technology is a process that ranges from basic research, including idea development and proof-of-concept, through prototyping, demonstration and commercialization.  Many times, development proceeds through the early stages only to stop for various reasons upon reaching the demonstration stage.  Some of these reasons include lack of funding, technical difficulties or lack of specific technical or commercial expertise.  ARB's ICAT program provided support and incentivized continued development through the demonstration stage for technologies that showed promise for reducing air pollution in California.  ICAT did this by providing funding, technical support, and networking with other parties who could bring their own resources and expertise.
Past Grantees

 Here is a list of past ICAT grantees with links to their project reports (where available).
Other Resources

As an alternative to ICAT support, this list of available support resources should be considered.

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