Health Effects of SMOG Video Ordering and Preview

This page last reviewed March 25, 2011

Health Effects of Smog

How does SMOG hurt your health? Watch this video and find out. Even when you don't see or notice it, SMOG can damage your body. Despite vast improvements over the years, California still has big air pollution problems. This video shows where SMOG comes from, how it is formed, and who is most vunerable. It looks at the real cost of air pollution to California, and how lowering SMOG levels benefits all of us.

If you would like to order a Free copy of this video on DVD or VHS tape you can print out this PDF form and send it to the address on the form. You may also submit your order information by email. Please Include your shipping address and the quantity and type of video you are requesting with your email.

Please view the Health Effects of SMOG video (19 minutes - wmv - 33MB).*

*Note: You will need Window's Media Player 8 or above to preview the video. You will need a computer with a 500 MHz or faster processor for smoothest playback. To have the WMV file play from the link above you may need to be using the Microsoft Explorer browser.

If you are having trouble playing the WMV file above, we have the same video in a ZIP format for you to download the preview of the "Health Effects of SMOG" video to your hard drive - please click here to download the file (ZIP - 33,931 KB)

The DVD contains both Spanish and English versions of the video and the VHS tapes can be ordered in either Spanish or English. The Spanish video can be viewed from the Spanish order page. Both the Spanish and English videos can be ordered from the same order form above.

For more information, please contact the ARB's Public Information Office at (916) 322-2990.