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The Children's School Bus Exposure Study

Children's exposures to pollutants during school bus commuting and simple steps schools can take to reduce exposures.
Environmental Health Conditions in Classrooms

Actions schools can take to improve the environmental health conditions in California's public school classrooms.
Preview the Health Effects of SMOG Video !

Even when you don't see or notice it, SMOG can cause damage to your body.
Preview the Children's Health Study Video !

Learn about the results of the study and the effect of air pollution on children.

Other Resources

Healthy School Environments

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is developing a new, completely voluntary, and fully customizable tool to help school districts conduct self-assessments of their school facilities for potential environmental health and safety hazards.
IPM in School Environments

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation has tools and information available at their website to help schools in choosing non-chemical or least toxic Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices for specific pests.
Schooled in Asthma

The Schooled in Asthma project developed, implemented, and is currently evaluating a training program encouraging pediatricians to incorporate school health concepts with current asthma treatment guidelines. In part, it encouraged the use of Asthma Management Plans as well as increased communication between school personnel and pediatricians. This program also encouraged the participation of pediatricians in chapter level projects surrounding school health and asthma issues.
The California Asthma Public Health Initiative (CAPHI)

The mission of the California Asthma Public Health Initiative (CAPHI) is to improve the quality of life for all children and adults with asthma through implementation of effective programs and policies in asthma education, management, and prevention. CAPHI is part of the Chronic Disease Control Branch in the California Department of Health Services (DHS).

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