Research Program Contacts

This page last reviewed September 26, 2017

For more information on CARB's research areas, please email or telephone us at the following:

Program Name / Email Telephone
General Inquiries
Administrative Unit   916.445.0753
Website - Research Pages Heather Choi 916.322.3893
Atmospheric Processes
Chemistry & Reactivity Dongmin Luo 916.324.8496
Field Studies Toshi Kuwayama 916.324.9287
Modeling Dongmin Luo 916.327.8543
Monitoring Abhilash Vijayan 916.324.0621
Climate Change
Agriculture Michael FitzGibbon 916.323.2389
Behavioral Change Annalisa Schilla 916.322.8514
Green Buildings Dana Papke Waters 916.324.9615
High GWP (Global Warming Potential) Pamela Gupta 916.327.0604
Local Action Annalisa Schilla 916.322.8514
Science Nehzat Motallebi 916.324.1744
Sustainable Communities Maggie Witt 916.324.9061
Vehicle A/C Tao Zhan 916.445.9495
Ecosystem & Multi-media Effects
Acid Deposition Nehzat Motallebi 916.324.1744
Ecosystem Impacts Ash Lashgari 916.323.1506
Lake Tahoe Atmospheric Deposition Study Ash Lashgari 916.323.1506
Emissions Monitoring & Control
Agriculture Michael FitzGibbon 916.323.2389
Biogenics Ash Lashgari 916.323.1506
Goods Movement Dongmin Luo 916.324.8496
Vehicle Emissions John Collins 916.327.8097
Health & Exposure
Children's Health Barbara Weller 916.324.4816
Environmental Justice Alvaro Alvarado 916.445.4843
Health Effects of Air Pollution Linda Smith 916.327.8225
Particulate Matter Linda Smith 916.327.8225
Toxic Air Contaminants Jim Behrmann 916.322.8278
Sensitive Populations Barbara Weller 916.324.4816
Indoor Air Quality
Air Cleaning Devices Peggy Jenkins
Buildings and Ventilation Peggy Jenkins
General Indoor Air Phone Inquiries Jeff Williams 916.322.7145
In-vehicle Exposures Peggy Jenkins 916.323.1504
Publications and Outreach Jeff Williams 916.322.7145 
Research Planning & Committees
Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards Heather Choi 916.322.3893
Research Planning Sarah Pittiglio 916.324.0627
Research Screening Committee Emma Plasencia 916.323.1524
Scientific Review Panel Jim Behrmann 916.322.8278
Reactivity Scientific Advisory Committee Dongmin Luo 916.324.8496