Journal articles resulting from CARB-funded research contracts

CARB Research Division Contract 09-339

Final report: Improving regional biogenic VOC emission estimates using an airborne PTRMS eddy flux measurement system

Articles funded by the contract:

  • Karl, T., Misztal, P.K., Jonsson, H.H., Shertz, S., Goldstein, A.H., Guenther, A.B. "." Journal of Atmospheric Sciences 70.10 (2013): 3277-3287.

  • Peischl, J., Ryerson, T.B., Holloway, J.S., Trainer, M., Andrews, A.E., Atlas, E.L., Blake, D.R., Daube, B.C., Dlugokencky, E.J., Fischer, M.L., Goldstein, A.H., Guha, A., Karl, T., Kofler, J., Kosciuch, E., Misztal, P.K., Perring, A.E., Pollack, I.B., Santoni, G.W., Schwarz, J.P., Spackman, J.R., Wofsy, S.C., Parrish, D.D. "Airborne observations of methane emissions from rice cultivation in the Sacramento Valley of California." Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres 117.23 (2012): D00V25.

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