Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC)
Board Meeting Summary - June 20, 2002

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On Thursday, June 20, 2002, the California Air Resources Board passed new, stricter standards for particulate matter (PM). The newly adopted standards include:

  • PM10 Annual-Average Standard of 20 Micrograms Per Cubic Meter, Not to be Exceeded
  • New Annual-Average PM2.5 Standard of 12 Micrograms Per Cubic Meter, Not to be Exceeded
  • Retain the Current Sulfates 24-Hour Average Standard of 25 Micrograms Per Cubic Meter.

In addition, several recommendations were made for updating the monitoring methods for these standards. At the meeting, staff presented the current status of the 24-hour standard recommendations and the decision to delay those recommendations in light of recent findings related to statistical issues in several key short-term studies (please refer to the following link entitled " Deferment of 24-Hour Average PM2.5 Standard"). The Board directed staff to continue their review and follow the status of these findings closely, to collaborate with the U.S. EPA and scientific experts, and to bring final recommendations before the Board once definitive results allow for sound short-term standard recommendations.

The next steps in this process will involve the 15-day notice of public availability of modified regulatory text, which will incorporate changes from the Board Meeting, as well as the completion of the Final Statement of Reasons or "FSOR." The newly adopted standards will likely go into affect by January 2003.
For the full list of associated regulatory documents, please go to our website at:

/regact /aaqspm /aaqspm.htm.

Presentations made at the June 20, 2002, Board Meeting are listed below:

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