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The California Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) will conduct a public meeting at the time and place noted below to consider a draft report, titled "Planned Air Pollution Research, Fiscal Year 2003-2004." The Board will meet concurrently with the Research Screening Committee (RSC).

DATE: November 20, 2003
TIME: 9:00 a.m.
PLACE: California Environmental Protection Agency
Air Resources Board
Central Valley Auditorium, Second Floor
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

The item will be considered at a two-day meeting of the Board, which will commence at 9:00 a.m., November 20, 2003, and may continue at 8:30 a.m., November 21, 2003. Please note that this item may not be considered until November 21, 2003. Please consult the agenda for the meeting, which will be available at least 10 days before November 20, 2003 to determine the day on which this item will be considered.

If you have special accommodation, language needs or are a person with a disability and desire to obtain this document in an alternative format, please contact ARB's Clerk of the Board at (916) 322-5594 or as soon as possible. TTY/TDD/Speech-to-Speech users may dial 7-1-1 for the California Relay Service.


The California Health and Safety Code (HSC), Sections 39700 and 39703, declares that an effective research program is an integral part of California's broad-based, statewide effort to combat air pollution. It also directs the Board to coordinate and administer all air pollution research that is funded, to any extent, with state funds. To facilitate this process, HSC Section 39705 directs the Board to appoint a screening committee to give advice and recommendations on all air pollution research projects proposed for funding.
The draft report is comprised of research ideas for the current fiscal year. The general public, business and academic communities, and ARB staff submitted the ideas. The research ideas were provided to the RSC for review and comment on August 18, 2003. The RSC met on October 3, 2003 to review the final list of projects.

Consistent with long-established policy, the Board meets annually with the RSC to review and discuss ongoing projects and research proposed for the next fiscal year. At the November 20, 2003 meeting, the RSC and ARB staff will present their report, "Planned Air Pollution Research, Fiscal Year 2003-2004," to the Board for approval. The report describes projected funding allocations and proposed research projects; some recommended for funding and others recommended if funding becomes available.


Copies of the report, Planned Air Pollution Research Fiscal Year 2003-2004, will be available for inspection at the Board's Public Information Office, Air Resources Board, Visitors and Environmental Services Center, 1001 I Street, 1st Floor, Sacramento, California 95814, (916) 322-2990, at least 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting.

Inquiries concerning the draft report may be directed to the designated agency contact person, Annmarie Mora, Air Pollution Specialist, at (916) 323-1517 or by email at

This notice and the draft report, when completed, will be available on the ARB's website at /research/apr/apr.htm.


The public may present comments relating to this matter orally or in writing at the hearing, and in writing or by email before the hearing. To be considered by the Board, written submissions must be received no later than 12:00 noon, November 19, 2003, and addressed to the following:

Clerk of the Board
Air Resources Board
1001 I Street, 23rd floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Electronic mail is sent to:, and received at the ARB no later than 12:00 noon, November 19, 2003.

Facsimile submissions are to be transmitted to the Clerk of the Board at (916) 322-3928 and received at the ARB no later than 12:00 noon, November 19, 2003.

The Board requests but does not require 30 copies of any written submission. Also, the ARB requests that written and e-mail statements be filed at least 10 days prior to the meeting so that ARB staff and Board Members have time to fully consider each comment. The ARB encourages members of the public to bring any suggestions or comments to the attention of staff in advance of the meeting.



Catherine Witherspoon
Executive Officer