CARB Diesel Fuel Regulation For Intrastate Locomotives

This page last reviewed March 4, 2016

What's New?On November 18, 2004, the ARB approved new regulations to require the use of CARB diesel fuel in intrastate locomotives.  Beginning January 1, 2007, diesel fuel sold for use in intrastate diesel-electric locomotives operating in California must meet the specifications of CARB diesel fuel.

Intrastate (diesel-electric) locomotives are defined as those locomotives that operate (at or greater than 90 percent of annual fuel consumption, mileage, and/or hours of operation) within the boundaries of the state of California.  As compared to U.S. EPA ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, CARB diesel with lower levels of aromatics and higher cetane levels, can provide reductions of up to 6 percent NOx and 14 percent PM, respectively.

As part of the development of this regulation, ARB staff developed a survey to improve ARB's emissions inventory and to evaluate the feasibility of using California diesel fuel in intrastate locomotives. The survey and related documentation are listed below.

        • Intrastate Locomotive Survey - Announcement Letter (PDF-58K)
        • Intrastate Locomotive Survey - General Information Sheet (PDF-9K)
        • Intrastate Locomotive Survey - Form (PDF-18K)
        • Intrastate Locomotive Survey - Confidential Letter (PDF-17K)

ARB funded study by Southwest Research Institute on the "Diesel Fuel Effects on Locomotive Exhaust Emissions" October 2000-Steve G. Fritz, P.E.-Prepared for California Air Resources Board