ARB Railyard Compliance Activities     

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2005 Statewide Railyard Agreement

Proposed Commitments 

2005 Statewide Railyard Agreement

ARB Annual Enforcement Reports and Railyard Inspection Reports

Enforcement Report 2011 - pp. 22-23 2011 Summary
Enforcement Report 2010 - pp. 29-30 2010 Summary
Enforcement Report 2009 - pp.34-44 2009 Summary
Enforcement Report 2008 - pp. 40 2008 Summary
Enforcement Report 2007 - pp. 43-44 2007 Summary
Enforcement Report 2006 - pp.84
Enforcement Report 2005 - pp. 39

ARB Semi-Annual Railyard Inspection Reports

Contacts for Excessive Idling and Smoking Locomotives Complaints

You can use the following options to report excessive idling or smoking locomotives.

BNSF Railway 1-800-832-5452
Union Pacific Railroad 1-888-877-7267

Proposed Commitments

To determine whether UP and BNSF have met the commitments diesel PM emission reduction levels, ARB will review the comprehensive emission inventories and interim emission inventories in relation to information collected by ARB staff.  ARB will conduct semi-annual railyard inspections (see above), which will also be augmented by ARB photographic tracking and field surveys of railyard switch and medium horsepower locomotives.  In addition, ARB staff will use the annual locomotive NOx fleet average agreement submittals to verify the number and tier of interstate line haul locomotives operating within the South Coast Air Basin.

ARB Field Surveys - Unannounced Observations of Locomotives Operating In Southern California Railyards

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