ARB Resolution 98-45

This page last reviewed July 27, 2009

State of California

Resolution 98-45
WHEREAS, Californians are blessed with a bounty of natural wonders in their state and are supportive of a clean and safe environment for all; and
WHEREAS, protecting and improving the environment is one of California's most important challenges; and
WHEREAS, the practice of pollution prevention has moved from potential to practical as one of the most favorable strategies for maintaining a clean environment which offers industrial efficiency, economic competitiveness, and environmental protection; and
WHEREAS, National Pollution Prevention Week, September 21-27, 1998, presents an opportunity for government agencies to join forces with business, industry, environmental groups and individuals to educate others about this common sense approach to protecting our natural resources; and
WHEREAS, by committing to the ethic and practice of pollution prevention, the Air Resources Board will meet the challenges of improving air quality consistent with its mission to protect public health while considering the effects of its actions on the economy; and
WHEREAS, of notable importance to the pollution prevention movement is the development and use of environmental technologies which prevent or minimize the creation of waste streams for mobile and stationary sources of air pollutants, and which will continue to make dramatic strides in the next millennium; and
WHEREAS, individuals can make a difference in preventing air pollution by practicing any of the ideas found in the brochure, "50 Things You Can Do For Cleaner Air," which can be obtained by calling the Air Resources Board at 1-800-END-SMOG;
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Air Resources Board recognizes the week of September 21-27, 1998, as Pollution Prevention Week in California and urges its organization, businesses and citizens to participate in local and regional activities that both educate and embrace the practice of pollution prevention as a proven means of achieving a prosperous, healthy and sustainable future for all Californians.
Executed at Sacramento, California on the 27th day of August 1998.
Signed by All Eleven Members of the Air Resources Board

Pollution Prevention Program