Ports Activities

This page last reviewed November 30, 2012


The Ports area of our website contains programs related to reducing emissions from port-related sources, such as commercial marine vessels (ocean-going ships and commercial harbor craft) and cargo handling equipment. Please consider signing up for any of our Goods Movement, Ports and Rail list serves. To find out more about the regulatory activities and related programs, please see the links below.

top pick picture Cargo Handling Equipment at Ports and Intermodal Rail Yards
harborcraft picture Commercial Harbor Craft 
picture of kids Health Risk Assessments:
port truck picture Port Trucks / Drayage Trucks
ship picture Commercial Marine Vessels - Ship Auxiliary Engines and Main Engines
ship incinerator picture Ship On-Board Incineration
shore power picture Shore Power
vsr picture Vessel Speed Reduction

See also ARB's Harbor Communities Monitoring Project.