Ocean-Going Vessels - Fuel Rule - Fuel Switching

This page last reviewed November 16, 2012

engine Background:

To meet the fuel requirements of the California Ocean-going Vessel Clean Fuel Regulation, vessel operators need to ensure that they are using compliant marine distillate fuels prior to entering Regulated California Waters (24 nm from the California baseline including the offshore islands).  In most cases, vessel operators are “fuel-switching” from a heavy fuel-oil to a marine distillate fuel to comply with the regulation.  Ocean-going vessels have the ability to operate on both heavy and marine distillate fuels.  However, it is important to ensure that attention is paid to fuel specifications, engine and fuel system maintenance, and crew training to help minimize any operational issues associated with fuel-switching.

There are several resources available to the vessel operators which provide guidance on the use of marine distillate fuels and fuel-switching.  These are provided in the links below.

Helpful Fuel-Switching Resources 

Fact Sheet on Fuel Switching

Fuel Switching Guides

Fuel Switching Studies