Bicycle Awareness Program

This page last reviewed November 29, 2010


Bicycling is important to the health of Californians -- and not just those doing the cycling.  Statewide, about seven tons per day of smog-forming gases and almost a ton of inhalable particles are spared from the air we breathe due to use of bicycles rather than motor vehicles. People choosing to pedal rather than drive usually replace short automobile trips that are disproportionately high in pollutant emissions.  The ARB is attempting to increase public awareness of this alternative mode of transportation.

bike sign Improving California Air Quality Through Increased Bicycling: A Fact Sheet

bike sign California Bike Summit brochure (PDF -- 205 KB):  Presents the outcome of a statewide strategy meeting to chart ways to increase bicycle usage in California. For printed hard copies of this brochure, please contact Tom Scheffelin at (916) 327-7847.

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