1994 California State Implementation Plan

This page updated March 07, 2011.

This area of CARBIS includes the California State Implementation Plan for Ozone as submitted to the U.S. EPA on November 15, 1994 and approved by the U.S. EPA on September 25, 1996. All four volumes are available in hard copy via the ARB's Public Information Office identified below. The first revision to the statewide strategies in the 1994 SIP was adopted February 26, 1998 and amended a measure for heavy-duty trucks and buses. This revision has not yet been approved by U.S. EPA.

Volume I This "Overview of the California Ozone SIP" includes the executive summary, background information, components of California's attainment strategy, and a legal analysis of SIP approvability.
Volume II The "ARB's Mobile Source and Consumer Products Elements" describe each of ARB's commitments to develop new measures and includes a socio-economic analysis and California Environmental Quality Act analysis.
Volume III This volume includes the "Status of (the Bureau of Automotive Repair's) Enhanced Vehicle Inspection & Maintenance Program" as well as the "Status of the (Department of Pesticide Regulation's) Pesticide Control Measures."
Volume IV The "Local Emission Control Plans and Attainment Demonstrations" for six California nonattainment areas include the nature of the regional ozone problem, the status of the local plan, a summary of the ozone attainment strategy and Board actions.
Revision 1 Revision to the SIP On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles (Measures M-7 and M-17)