San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District
2002 Rate-of-Progress Plan

This page updated July 15, 2003.

On ______, ARB submitted to U.S. EPA the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District's (District) 2002 Rate-of-Progress Plan (2002 ROP). The 2002 ROP contains motor vehicle emissions budgets for 2002 and 2005. U.S. EPA found the budgets to be adequate (effective ______), which allows the budgets to be used in transportation conformity determinations.


Ozone ROP Budgets
(tons per day)

Ozone ROP Budgets
(tons per day)

County ROG NOx ROG NOx
Fresno 23.7 46.4 19.1 39.8
Kern Valley (portion) 16.7 42.8 13.5 37.6
Kings 3.7 8.1 3.1 7.3
Madera 5.1 9.5 4.6 9.3
Merced 8.0 17.6 6.3 14.1
San Joaquin 15.7 35.4 11.4 28.1
Stanislaus 13.3 25.7 10.4 21.2
Tulare 12.6 25.2 10.5 22.3

These budgets were developed in close coordination with the San Joaquin Valley transportation agencies, and include the latest data available at time of budget development. The following links provide more detailed information regarding the methodologies, model runs, and results used in the development of these budgets.

These two tables summarize the adjustments made to the baseline motor vehicle inventory to arrive at the final budgets as well as the main travel activity data used in the EMF AC2002 model runs. Due to the volume of data, county-by-county VMT/speed distributions are included.

2002 ROP Emissions Summary*

2002 ROP Travel Activity*

One of the key inputs to the EMFAC model is the travel data provided by the local transportation agencies. These data, along with documentation of ARB's recommended methodology for matching VMT estimates using the WIS function of EMFAC2002 are provided below.

Travel Data*

VMT Matching Methodology*

Once the travel data is converted into a usable format for the EMFAC model, baseline inventory emissions estimates are generated. The links below provide the EMFAC2002 model used for the 2002 ROP, a description of the methods used to do the runs, the input files generated by the 2002 ROP model runs, and the final output files reflecting the baseline inventory estimates.


Baseline Inventory Methods*

Baseline Inventory Input Files*

Baseline Inventory Output Files (.bur and .csv format)*

The final steps in the development of the motor vehicle emissions budgets included adjustments to the Inspection and Maintenance Program. Methodologies pertaining to the additional areas in the San Joaquin Valley subject to the Enhanced Smog Check program are provided below, along with the associated input and output files. Also included in the 2002 ROP budget, and documented in the ROP, is an upward adjustment of one tenth of a ton per county based on AB___ (author, 20 ) which would have extended the new car model year exemption from four to six years.

I/M Adjustment Methods*

I/M Adjustment Input Files*

I/M Adjustment Output Files*

*These links are currently under contstruction and will be available at a later date.

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