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New Employee Information

Welcome to the California Air Resources Board (ARB) "New Employee Information" site. Regardless of whether you are new to State service, transferring to the ARB from another department, or accepting an exempt appointment, the information presented here can provide you with answers to questions you may have about the various benefit programs available to you as a State employee.

Links to various human resource, labor relations and employee benefits related information, documents and forms have been provided here which may be of interest to you as a new employee. While most of the information presented applies to all employees, there are differences between the various collective bargaining unit agreements and between provisions governing rank and file employees and those covering employees designated managerial, supervisory, or confidential who are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Therefore, in addition to reviewing the general information provided regarding employee rights and benefits, it is important that rank and file employees always review the respective provisions of their specific collective bargaining unit agreement.

Information provided on ARBInside is updated as needed to ensure employees have the most current information regarding State employee benefit programs. Announcements, alerts and reminders regarding benefit programs, training opportunities, as well as other ARB related activities are posted daily on the ARBInside "Bulletin Board". Check the Bulletin Board often to ensure you are kept informed and to avoid missing important deadlines, activities and opportunities.

Use the Directory of Services to obtain Administrative Services Division staff phone numbers and assigned areas of responsibility, the ARB Staff Directory to locate an ARB employee or to obtain ARB program related information and the Agency Staff Directory to locate any Cal/EPA employee.

Collective Bargaining Agreements
Compensation Plus (Excluded Employees)
Exempt & CEA Benefits
Administrative Services Letters
Image: Employee News
Cal/EPA New Employee Orientation
Important information for employees new to ARB.

Image: Human Resources
Human Resources
Information regarding all Human Resource programs.

Image: Labor Relations height
Labor Relations
Collective bargaining agreements, excluded employee benefits.

Image: Training Resources
Training Resources
Training resources & related laws, rules & regulations.

Image: On-Line Forms
On-line Forms
Human Resource & other useful forms on-line.

Image: Directory of Services
Directory of Services
Staff phone numbers & assigned areas of responsiblity.

Personnel Management