Apply for An Examination

This page last reviewed August 16, 2012

Before you can be appointed to a position with ARB, you must compete in an open competitive civil service examination and establish employment list eligibility for the specific classification for which you are seeking employment. Begin by identifying examinations in progress for which you qualify. The ARB Examination Plan lists examinations scheduled for administration by ARB. Examination Bulletins announce administration of an examination for a specific classification. The Bulletin contains important information regarding how to file an application to participate in the examination and lists qualifications required to compete in the examination. Examination Bulletins and other information regarding examinations administered by ARB, or for classifications used by ARB, can be obtained from the following sources:

ARB Examination Plan
ARB Examination Announcement Listserv
Examinations and Vacancy Announcements – ARB
Air Resources Engineer/Air Pollution Specialist Supplemental Examination
CalHR - Examination Bulletins and Internet Examinations

To apply for an examination, complete a State Examination Application (STD. 678) and any other required documents (Supplemental Application, Statement of Qualifications, etc.) as stated on the Examination Bulletin. The State Examination Application (STD. 678) is available from offices of the State Personnel Board (SPB) or ARB. The State Examination Application (STD. 678) is also available on-line from SPB. Include the examination title on your application and follow all filing instructions as stated on the Examination Bulletin. Late applications cannot be accepted. Completed State Examination Applications (STD. 678) for examinations administered by ARB may be submitted in person or by mail to:

Air Resources Board
Examination Unit
P.O. Box 2815/1001 I Street, 20th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95812-0550

Once an application has been submitted, it will be reviewed to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for admittance to the examination. If your application is rejected, you will be provided written notification of the reasons(s) for the rejection and an opportunity to submit additional information to clarify your possession of the education and/or experience required for admittance to the examination. It is possible information on your application was not clear, was inadvertently left out, or was misinterpreted. If you are still denied admittance to the examination, you will be provided with information regarding your appeal rights (see California Department of Human Resources for additional information).

Examinations and Vacancy Announcements