Open Enrollment 2002
Dental, FlexElect, and CoBen
This page updated September 4, 2002

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for Dental, FlexElect, and Consolidated Benefits (CoBen) will be September 3, 2002 through October 18, 2002. Employees who want to enroll in these benefit programs or make a change to current enrollment should contact their Personnel Services Specialist for the necessary forms.

Open enrollment forms must be signed and submitted to your assigned Personnel Services Specialist no later than October 18, 2002. Enrollments/changes during this period are effective January 1, 2003.

Employees do not need to submit anything if they are not making any changes in dental coverage or cash options. Employees who have a FlexElect Reimbursement Account and want to participate again next year, need to re-enroll during open enrollment. Permanent Intermittent employees who want to continue receiving their cash option must re-enroll.

Dental Benefits

Dental plan options are listed below. (DentiCare is now called Health Net Dental, Inc. and SmileSaver is now called GE Wellness Plan Dental.)

Indemnity (DeltaPremier - Group #9949)

DeltaPremier features full access to speciality care and guaranteed benefits through member dentists. However, you can see any dentist worldwide and still be covered, although your out-of-pocket costs may be higher.

Preferred Provider Option (DeltaPreferred Option (DPO) - Group #9946)

DeltaPreferred Option (DPO) provides services through its network of participating dentists although you may use non-DPO dentists worldwide. If you receive services outside the DPO network, your out-of-pocket costs will be substantially higher. Therefore, you are encourage to contact Delta before enrolling to ensure there is a DPO provider available in your service area. (Not all Delta Dentists are members of DPO's network.)

For represented employees, the annual maximum benefit availabl.e to dependents is $2,000 when using a dentist who is a member of the DPO network, compared to a $1,000 yearly maximum under DeltaPremier. DPO offers a $2,500 lifetime benefit for dental implants and a third cleaning for high-risk patients. Generally, high-risk patients include pregnant women, cancer chemotherapy patients, persons with compromising systemic diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, or endocraditis, and persons who have had organ transplants.

Delta Dental Plans (

Image: Bullet DeltaPremier
Image: Bullet DeltaPreferred Option (DPO)

Delta Dental 2003 Premiums

Delta rates will increase effective January 1, 2003, which means employees enrolled in the DeltaPremier or DeltaPreferred Option will see an increase in out-of-pocket dental premium on January 1, 2003 (December 2002 pay period).

Out-of-pocket premium for those enrolled in DeltaPremier for 2003:

1 person
2 persons
3 or more persons

Out-of-pocket premium for those enrolled in DeltaPreferred Option (DPO) for 2003:

1 person
2 persons
3 or more persons

Prepaid Dental Plans

(Health Net Dental, Private Medical Care, Inc. (PMI), SafeGuard, GE Wellness Plan Dental)

Prepaid plans provide services through member dentists throughout Caifornia. (These plans are not available outside of California.) Monthly premiums are fully paid by the State. There are no monthly premiums; deductibles, or maximum benefit limts. Many services are provided at low or no cost. You may change dentists upon request and/or change plans if you move and the plan you are enrolled in is no longer available. If emergency dental work is required and the you are outside the service area (50 miles from residence), you may go to any dentist for the relief of pain and be reimbursed up to $400 per calendar year. For additional information and/or a list of member dentists, contact the carriers directly.

Image: Bullet Health Net Dental, Inc.
Image: Bullet Private Medical-Care, Inc.
Image: Bullet SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc.
Image: Bullet GE Wellness Plan Dental

Prepaid Dental Plan Premiums

Prepaid dental plan premiums will increase, effective January 1, 2003. However, the State will continue to pay 100 percent of the premium if the employee is not enrolled in Consolidated Benefits (CoBen). For employees covered by CoBen, the full premium will be deducted from the employee's CoBen allowance (see CoBen Amounts).

Consolidated Benefits (CoBen)

Consolidated Benefits Handbook

All excluded employees and represented employees in Bargaining Units 2, 7, 8, 16, 17, 18 and 19 are automatically enrolled in CoBen. For employees enrolled in CoBen, the State provides a benefit allowance for purchase of health, dental and vision benefits. If the total cost of the plans chosen by the employee is less than the CoBen allowance, the employee receives the difference as taxable income. If the total cost of the plans is more than the CoBen allowance, the difference is deducted from the employee's paycheck pretax.

As a result of increased dental premiums, employees will see an increase in the dental amount deducted from their montly CoBen allowance starting with the January 1, 2003 paycheck.

Employees with health and dental coverage provided through another source may enroll in the CoBen Cash Option. These amounts are $155/mo. in lieu of health and dental, and $130/mo. in lieu of health only. To enroll in a CoBen Cash Option, complete the appropriate form during the open enrollment period.

Monthly CoBen allowance amounts will increase effective January 1, 2003. The new amounts for 2003 are:


Employee CoBen Allowance



Employee Only



Employee plus one dependent



Employee plus two or more dependents




Employees who have health and/or dental coverage through another source can opt for cash in lieu of State-sponsored benefit. The FlexElect Cash Option is $128/mo. for health and $12/mo. for dental.

FlexElect also offers reimbursement accounts that allow use of pretax salary to pay for dependent care and/or medical bills that are not covered by insurance. Ask your Personnel Services Specialist for a FlexElect Reimbursement Account brochure for details.

Additional Resources

For more information regarding open enrollment, please visit the Department of Personnel Administration web site or, contact your assigned Personnel Specialist.

Image: Bullet Consolidated Benefits
Image: Bullet State-Sponsored Dental Plans 2003 Premium Information
Image: Bullet COBRA Group Continuation Rates: Monthly Premiums Effective January 1, 2003
Image: Bullet Dental and Vision Plan Premiums Effective January 3, 2003
Image: Bullet State-Sponsored Dental Plans Employee Cost Comparison
Image: Bullet Dental Benefits for Active and Retired State Employees (DPA Publication)
Image: Bullet State-Sponsored Dental Benefit Information (Dental Plan & Plan Provider Informaiton)

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