Disposal of Nonindustrial Wood Waste - Submittal Information

This page last reviewed April 23, 2008

The following information should be submitted in writing to the Air Resources Board Compliance Division in order for it to approve the use of nonindustrial wood waste burning and to ensure that the open burning will be done in accordance with Section 41804.5 and applicable provisions of State law.


A copy of the regulation (or proposed regulation) authorizing open burning at designated sites in accordance with Section 41804.5.


A copy of the resolution by your city council or county board of supervisors declaring their intention to allow burning at designated sites.


The estimated tonnage and type of material to be burned at each site (broken down by month for a one year period).


Location and elevation of the sites to be used for such burning.


Estimated emissions (1 hour, 24 hour, and annual max-burn estimates expressed as above ambient), together with available air quality ambient data and trends which show that the proposed burn sites will not prevent the achievement and maintenance of ambient air quality standards.


A copy of a written statement by the owner of the land on which the disposal site which is located approving the burning on such land.


Written approval of the fire protection agency having authority over the proposed burning site.


A statement explaining why burning at the disposal site will not create a nuisance. (Proximity to nearest population centers, prevailing wind patterns, etc.).


A statement indicating who is responsible to verify that only nonindustrial wood waste is burned, including how often inspections will be made at each site.
If a burning program is initiated in your district, operators of burn sites should be required by permit conditions to take extra care in arranging material to be burned to promote efficient combustion and reduce smoke.

Disposal of Nonindustrial Wood Waste