Protect California Air Act of 2003 - Senate Bill 288

This page last reviewed April 19, 2011

Overview of SB 288

Senate Bill 288, the "Protect California Air Act of 2003," was signed into State law on September 22, 2003, with an effective date of January 1, 2004. That law, developed in response to concerns regarding federal changes to New Source Review, places restrictions on changes that California air pollution control districts can make to their local New Source Review rules. Such local rules guide the pre-construction permitting of new and modified stationary sources of air pollutants.

Senate Bill 288 Implementation Guidance

District Rules

Senate Bill 288 prohibits California districts from changing their New Source Review rules in ways that would make them less stringent than the rules that existed on December 30, 2002, as submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency for inclusion into the State Implementation Plan. December 30, 2002 is the day before the first federal New Source Review changes were published in the Federal Register. (Each district name will link to a list of its NSR rules.)

Relevant versions of the California district New Source Review rules as they existed on or prior to December 30, 2002

Amador Feather River Mariposa Northern Sonoma Shasta
Antelope Valley Glenn Mendocino Placer Siskiyou
Bay Area Great Basin Modoc Sacramento South Coast
Butte Imperial Mojave San Diego Tehama
Calaveras Kern Monterey San Joaquin Valley Tuolume
Colusa Lake North Coast San Luis Obispo Ventura
El Dorado Lassen Northern Sierra Santa Barbara Yolo-Solano

Federal New Source Review Regulations as they existed on December 30, 2002

Hard copies of the federal regulations are also available for purchase at a cost of $0.10 per page, or a CD can be purchased for $2.00. Please contact Chris Gallenstein at (916) 327-8017.

40 CFR 51.165
40 CFR 51.166
40 CFR 51 Appendix S
40 CFR 52.21
40 CFR 52.24
40 CFR 52.270

Federal New Source Review Permitting Manual, 1990 The United States Environmental Protection Agency published a New Source Review permitting manual in 1990 that spells out, in clear terms, the federal New Source Review requirements in effect at the time.

National Archives and Records Administration-Code of Federal Regulations Complete collection of current and past versions of federal regulations.

ARB Presentations Senate Bill 288 - Limits Changes to Air Districts' New Source Review Rules (Powerpoint slides, 82 KB) Presentation to the Industrial Environmental Association and the California Manufacturers and Technology Association, November 20, 2003.

For more information about SB 288, please contact Chris Gallenstein at (916) 324-8017.