Release No. 95-7                                                                                           March 28, 1995

Contacts: Jerry Martin/Allan Hirsch
(916) 322-2990


ARB Releases SCAQMD Budget Review, Shows Costs Savings

        In accordance with a new law signed last year by Governor Wilson, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) today released its review of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) proposed 1995-96 budget forecast.

        "By comparing the SCAQMD to the ARB and other air districts, we identified a number of key areas in their budget forecast where significant savings can be achieved. In addition, we recommend that cost savings be used to reduce fees charged to Southern California employers," ARB Chairman John Dunlap said.

        Among the key recommendations for cost savings are:

        "The SCAQMD has made considerable progress in improving air quality in Southern California and must continue to do so. Yet in order to retain public confidence, every effort must be made to minimize the cost of district programs and the fees charged to employers. As a result of AB 1853, the ARB will continue to work with the SCAQMD and the Legislature to ensure that all opportunities for savings are realized and that the savings are passed back to fee payers," Dunlap said.

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