Release 96-3

January 30, 1996                                                                         Contacts: Jerry Martin
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                                                                                                                   Allan Hirsch
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         Dr. F. Sherwood Rowland, the winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, is one of six distinguished professionals appointed Thursday by the California Air Resources Board to a panel that reviews scientific research on air pollution.

        "The wealth of talented individuals who will be serving on the Board's Research Screening Committee reflects California's global leadership in environmental science and technology," ARB Chairman John D. Dunlap said.

        "I am gratified both by Dr. Rowland's interest in this committee and by the broad range of backgrounds and accomplishments of all the panel members. They will help ensure that regulatory decisions affecting human health and the environment are based on the very best science," Dunlap said.

        The six appointees will join two continuing members of the Research Screening Committee. The Air Resources Board is scheduled to appoint a ninth member in March. The committee normally meets six times per year, and members receive $100 for each day that the committee meets.

        The committee reviews all proposed research projects to be conducted for the Board by state scientists and outside organizations. The committee evaluates the technical nature of the research and also reviews the work after it is completed. Newly appointed members of the committee are:

        The two continuing members of the committee are:

        The Air Resources Board is responsible for the control of motor vehicle air pollution and oversees all local control of industrial sources.

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