ARB News Releases for 2008

This page last reviewed February 13, 2009

The following news releases for 2008 are listed in reverse chronological order. Below the current year listing, we provide links to prior year news releases back to 1990.

2008 News Releases
(12-30-08b) New year brings requirement for labeling new cars
(12-30-08) Bay Area ready mix company fined $7,000 for air quality violations
(12-29-08) California seeks 'climate champions' to join international youth network
(12-16-08) More than $5.5 million awarded to clean up school bus fleet
(12-12-08) ARB adopts landmark rules to clean up pollution from "big rigs"
(12-11-08) ARB says yes to climate action plan
(12-10-08) Hauling company fined $54,000 for air quality violations
(12-09-08) Study links vehicle exhaust, lung cancer mortality in trucking industry workers
(12-02-08) Alerta sobre producto de consumo: Algunos-llamados aparatos de limpiar el aire hace niveles de ozono interior
(12-01-08) Consumer alert: Some so-called air purifiers generate dangerous indoor ozone levels
(11-24-08) City of Needles fined $6,000 for air emissions violations
(11-17-08) City of Oxnard fined $12,375 for air emissions violations
(11-04-08) City of Palmdale fined $18,500 for air quality violations
(10-31-08) Carbon Monoxide: A Winter Months Health threat
(10-30-08) Dunbar Armored pays $36,375 for clean-air violations
(10-27-08) Sears pays $600,000 for air quality violations.
(10-24-08) ARB unveils proposed rules to reduce big rig pollution
(10-20-08) New Era of Clean, Efficient Vehicles Shown at Brea Mall
(10-17-08b) New Era of Clean, Efficient Vehicles on Show at Brea Mall
(10-17-08) Western Farm agrees to pay $114,000 for air violations
(10-15-08) California's plan to fight climate change will also help grow economy
(10-09-08) Commercial diesel vehicle owners warned of idling restrictions
(10-06-08) New requirements for composite wood effective January 1, 2009
(10-03-08) Southern California Refrigeration Service pays $35,550 air pollution penalty
(10-02-08) Gas station owners reminded of vapor recovery system requirements
(10-01-08) Airgas cited $43,000 for diesel truck emissions violations
(09-29-08b) New era of clean, efficient vehicles shown at the 24th annual Abbot Kinney Festival
(09-29-08) ARB cites hazardous waste disposal company $43,500 for diesel emission violations
(09-26-08b) New era of clean, efficient vehicles on show at the Abbot Kinney Festival
(09-26-08) Bimbo Bakeries pays $305,000 in air quality penalties
(09-25-08b) ARB adopts new protocols for climate change program
(09-25-08) ARB adopts measures to cut gas emissions from boats
(09-23-08) ARB chairman tells U.S. Senate committee Clean Air Act is powerful tool to fight global warming
(09-17-08) ARB analysis finds that reducing greenhouse gas pollutants also provides net benefit to California's economy and public health
(09-16-08) Car dealership to pay ARB $34,750 for installing unapproved retrofits
(09-12-08c) Navistar fined total of $281,500
(09-12-08b) News story correction: ARB will consider the heavy-duty diesel regulation at its December 2008 hearing
(09-12-08) ARB cites Munroe Motors $112,000 for air quality violations
(09-05-08) Propane distribution firm pays ARB $36,375 for diesel emission violations
(08-22-08) CARB celebrates launch of landmark clean trucks program with Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach
(08-12-08b) Climate change communicator, Dr. Susanne Moser, Educates California Climate Champions
(08-12-08) Clougherty Packing/Farmer John pays $63,300 in air pollution penalties
(08-11-08) California teens learn from Olympic pollution expert, Dr. "Ram" Ramanathan, as they develop enviro initiatives
(08-07-08) ARB cites Universal Waste $13,500 for air quality violations
(07-29-08) ARB cites DS Waters $74,250 for air quality violations
(07-25-08) Clean, fuel efficient vehicles to fit your lifestyle on display at the AVP Crocs Tour Long Beach Open Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament
(07-24-08c) Clean, efficient vehicles on display at AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament
(07-24-08b) Ships off California's coast must adhere to world's strictest diesel emission regulation
(07-24-08) Air pollution episodes especially harmful to athletes, outdoor workers
(07-22-08) ARB cites goods-movement company $9,750 for diesel emission violations
(07-15-08) Baja Motorsports fined $14,000 for missing emission labels
(07-11-08) ARB strengthens its health warning associated with wildfire smoke
(07-09-08) State presents first Bond 1B check to Valley to clean up air quality
(06-30-08) Air Resources Board's Carl Moyer Program provides $8.2 million for cleaner diesel engines
(06-26-08b) California adopts regulations curbing greenhouse-gas emissions from consumer products
(06-26-08) California charts course to fight global warming
(06-25-08) Pasadena to pay $23,250 to ARB for diesel emission violations
(06-23b-08) ARB issues health advisory for the greater Sacramento Valley and surrounding mountains
(06-23-08) New era of clean, efficient vehicles shown at Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance
(06-20-08) MEDIA ADVISORY: New era of clean, efficient vehicles on show at Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance
(06-19-08b) New car label makes it easier to choose clean, efficient transportation
(06-19-08) Air Board working with NASA to examine California's air pollution
(06-10-08) Air Board proposes world's strictest regulation curbing emissions from ocean-going vessels
(06-05-08) Utility construction firm pays ARB $10,000 for diesel emission violations
(05-29-08b) ARB chairman addresses concerns raised by California congressional republicans regarding California Clean Cars Law
(05-29-08) ARB cites Apria Health Care $14,000 for air quality violations
(05-22-08c) ARB approves the distribution of $221 million of Proposition 1B funding
(05-22-08b) ARB approves Valley particulate matter plan
(05-22-08) More premature deaths than previously thought from particles in vehicle exhaust
(05-21-08) ARB Chairman Mary Nichols applauds Senator Boxer's bill
(05-20-08b) ARB fines Regency Conversions $27,500
(05-20-08) Ohio chemical company fined for the sale of non-compliant products in California
(05-19-08b) ARB Chairman Mary Nichols again calls for granting of federal waiver
(05-19-08) ARB receives additional funding to clean up state trucks, buses
(05-13-08) $41,000 settles clean air violations for heavy-duty diesel fleets
(05-13-08esp) ARB propone nueva regla para limpiar camiones y autobuses en California
(05-12-08) ARB proposes new rule to clean up state trucks, buses
(05-09-08b) Media Advisory: California Air Resources Board Chairman in Washington, D.C. May 12, 13
(05-09-08) Costco pays $40,000 for clean air violations in Mira Loma, Tracy
(05-08-08b) Air Resources Board study proves California clean car law is more effective in fighting global warming than federal fuel economy standards
(05-08-08) ARB proposes to approve Valley particulate matter plan
(05-07-08b) ARB fines Escondido company for air pollution violations
(05-07-08) ARB fines Wilbur-Ellis Company and Piazza Trucking, Inc. $38,250 for clean air violations for heavy-duty diesel fleets
(05-05-08) ARB Fines Crown Disposal Company $88,000
(05-01-08) Building Material Supplier Settles with ARB for $42,000
(04-29-08) MEDIA ADVISORY:Distribution of $221 million of Proposition 1B funding discussed in five public workshops
(04-24-08) ARB looks ahead to proposed landmark truck regulation after Board hears West Oakland health assessment
(04-21-08) ARB posts record year for enforcement
(04-18-08) One-Day Symposium on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Vehicles
(04-17-08) Mex-Cal Truckline settles air quality violations for $50,000
(04-15-08) California wants new and improved hydrogen stations
(04-07-08) Pepsi Bottling Group Transporter Settles for $280,125
(03-27-08b) ARB passes new ZEV amendment
(03-27-08) ARB approves $200 million for Cleaner School Buses from Proposition 1B Funding
(03-19-08) Air quality violations cost Central Coast businesses $57,500
(03-18-08) ARB, British Council Announce California Climate Champions
(03-11-08) Health Risks from Railyards Revealed in ARB Report
(02-28-08b) ARB approves funding targets for $1 billion from Proposition 1B
(02-28-08) Air Resources Board awards $2.2 million to investigate air quality issues
(02-26-08) California has new E85 station open to the public
(02-25-08) Victorville's Hartwick & Hand, Inc. settles with ARB for $31,125
(02-22-08b) Valley Crest Companies settle for $65,000
(02-22-08) ARB to give rebates to clean vehicle buyers
(02-14-08c) San Bernardino's C.K. Transport and VRGS Trucking settle with ARB
(02-14-08b) ARB rescinds outdated southern California ozone plan
(02-14-08) Economic and Technology Advisory Committee releases final report on greenhouse gas reduction strategies
(02-13-08b) State seeks tech to improve environmental footprint of dairies
(02-13-08) State extends California Climate Champions search one week
(02-11-08) San Mateo County merges onto Hydrogen Highway
(02-04-08) Deadline Near--California Seeks Climate Champions to Travel to United Kingdom and Japan
(01-24-08b) $500,000 in grants to help three companies demonstrate clean air innovations
(01-24-08) Yamaha agrees to $2 million settlement with ARB for importing roughly 400 uncertified motorcycles into California
(01-23-08) California Seeks Climate Champions to Travel to United Kingdom and Japan
(01-11-08) Mary D. Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board, Testimony
(01-07-08) Ace Hardware to pay $850,000 for air quality violations
(01-03-08) ARB announces initial proposed $25 million in bond 1B funding

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