ARB News Releases for 2007

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

2007 News Releases
(12-27-07) Pep Boys pays $154,000 for air violations
(12-19-07) Wal-Mart pays $250,000 to settle air quality violations
(12-18-07) Alerta sobre producto de consumo: No compre aparatos de limpiar el aire con alto ozono
(12-17-07) Consumer product alert: Don't purchase high ozone air cleaners
(12-13-07) Wintertime carbon monoxide health advisory
(12-13-07) El monóxido de carbono en la temporada invernal
(12-11-07) ARB Settles with San Joaquin Valley's Todd Plumbing, Inc.
(12-06-07) Air Board passes two major building blocks in state's effort to fight global warming
(12-05-07) ARB proposes new regulations to reduce diesel pollution at state's ports
(12-04-07) State to unveil new first-of-their kind proposed port pollution measures
(11-29-07) Head of California agency fighting global warming addresses World Bank
(11-20-07) ARB Settles with Waste Management for over $1 million
(11-15b-07) ARB calls for more measures to meet Valley ozone standard sooner
(11-15-07) ARB approves measures to reduce pollution from commercial harbor craft
(11-13-07) ARB Staff available for interviews at LA Auto Show
(11-08-07) ARB credits local air district for stationary source program improvements
(11-05-07) Media Advisory: San Joaquin Valley air quality task force and community meetings
(10-26-07) ARB appoints new Executive Officer
(10-25c-07) ARB adopts San Joaquin Valley's PM10 Maintenance Plan
(10-25b-07) Air Resources Board adopts forestry protocols
(10-25-07) ARB approves tripling of early action measures required under AB 32
(10-15b-07) Governor Schwarzenegger signs legislation to add urban, rural perspective to San Joaquin Valley Air Board
(10-15-07) ARB announces new legislation increasing San Joaquin Valley air board membership
(10-11-07) ARB Settles with San Joaquin Valley's A.L. Gilbert Co. and the City of Visalia
(10-10-07) Brinks to pay $147,000 to CARB for pollutions violations
(10-02-07) ARB, U.S. EPA, and North Coast UAQMD announce $5 million Clean Air Act settlement with Northern California pulp mill
(09-27-07) Air Resources Board approves State strategy to improve air quality
(09-27-07) California cleans up indoor air cleaners 
(09-24-07) San Joaquin Valley's clean air efforts paying off
(09-21-07) Air quality officials reach agreement on emission reduction measures needed to meet PM 2.5 Standard by 2015 in South Coast
(09-19-07) ARB launches public process to implement $1 billion for clean air projects
(09-07-07) ARB Staff Proposes to Triple Early Action Measures Required under AB32
(09-06-07) California to Announce Latest Climate Change Proposals
(08-22-07) Air Resources Board Announces $700,000 settlement with Saleen, Inc., for sale of uncertified cars
(08-20-07) Statement by Mary Nichols on the death of Dr. Henry Gong
(08-15-07) San Joaquin Valley air quality task force and community meetings: Fresno, Parlier and Arvin
(08-14-07) ARB Settles Periodic Smoke Inspection Program Violations for $321,875
(08-06-07) State, local effort collects $13 million from Sierra Pacific settlement
(08-02-07) Low Carbon Fuel Policy report release by University of California
(07-31-07) ARB Settles with Coca-Cola Bottling Company for $528,500
(07-30-07) Air Board Honors Three Clean Air Heroes
(07-26-07) ARB Adopts Landmark Rule to Reduce Toxic Emissions from Off-Road Equipment
(07-24-07) Union Pacific Railroad settles air quality violations with $120,000
(06-22-07) New Label will Help Consumers Choose Earth Friendly Cars
(06-21-07) California Moves Swiftly to Further Address Climate Change Emissions Early Action Items Approved Today
(06-15-07) Groundwork Begun for Greater Use of Ethanol in California's Gasoline
(06-12-07) The Air Resources Board's Enforcement Efforts Stepped Up in 2006
(05-31-07) ARB Hears Progress Report on Technology for Zero Emission Vehicles
(05-29-07) MEDIA ADVISORY ARB: Press Conference Federal EPA Hearing on Greenhouse Gas Rule
(05-24-07b) ARB Approves San Diego Strategic Plan to Attain Clean Air Goals
(05-24-07) $25 Million Distributed for the Advancement of Alternative Fuel Usage in California
(04-27-07) Air Board Sets Strict Limits on Toxic Formaldehyde Emissions from Composite Wood Products
(04-20-07) Early Action Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
(03-30-07) $225,000 Settlement Reached with Liquid Nails Manufacturer
(03-15-07) ARB Extends Program for Portable Equipment Owners: Single Registration Allows Statewide Operation
(03-12-07) Husqvarna Outdoor Products Settles with ARB for $281,600
(03-02-07) MEDIA ADVISORY: International Symposium on Near-Term Solutions for Climate Change Mitigation in California
(02-23-07) Air Board Approves Stronger Nitrogen Dioxide Standards
(02-13-07) ARB Solicits Proposals for $25 Million in Available Alternative Fuel Grants
(02-07-07) ARB announces 2007 State Implementation Plan for Ozone
(01-31-07) ARB Audit of Butte County's Carl Moyer Program Exposes Operational Efficiency
(01-30-07) ARB Settles with Cummins Engine Co. for $1.1 million
(01-26-07) California to Phase Out the Use of Perchloroethylene from Dry Cleaning Process
(01-26-07) Air Resources Board Settles with West Coast Choppers for $271,250
(01-25-07) ARB Names Members to the Environmental Justice and Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Committees For Climate Change
(01-19-07) MEDIA ADVISORY:Workshops on Air Resources Board's Plan and Implementation of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006
(01-17-07) Air Resources Board's Carl Moyer Program Provides $78 Million for cleaner engines, equipment and other sources of pollution

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