ARB News Releases for 2006

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

2006 News Releases
(12-27-06) $2.6 Million Awarded for Clean Air Technology
(12-22-06) Statement by California Air Resources Board Chairman Dr. Robert Sawyer on USEPA’s Approval of California’s Waiver Request for Zero Emission Vehicles
(12-08-06) State's Oldest School Bus Retires After 55 Memorable Years of Service
(12-07-06) New Measures will Curb Emissions from Chrome Plating Process
(12-06-06) MEDIA ADVISORY: School Bus One Retirement Ceremony
(12-05-06) Another First for California: Fuel Cell to Light Holiday Tree at State Capitol
(11-22-06) ARB Carl Moyer Program Audit Reveals Mixed Results for South Coast
(11-17-06) California Consumer Products to Have Less Harmful Ingredients
(11-16-06) ARB Expands Actions to Reduce Emissions from Ships and Certain Agricultural Engines
(10-23-06) ARB Considers Alternative Fuel Incentives
(10-18-06) ARB Audit Gives Sacramento County's Carl Moyer Program a Good Evaluation
(10-12-06) Carbon Monoxide: A Cold Weather Health Threat
(10-12-06) Monóxido de Carbono: Una Amenaza a la Salud Durante los Meses Fríos
(10-10-06) MEDIA ADVISORY: Statewide Attainment Strategy Symposium
(10-05-06) Air Resources Board Settles Diesel Fleet Violations for $181,750
(10-04-06) The California Air Resources Board’s Enforcement Efforts Hit Record Highs in 2005
(09-21-06) MEDIA ADVISORY: Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Technology Symposium
(09-20-06) The Ventura County Air Pollution Control District Gets a Good Review from the ARB
(09-08-06) ARB Branch Chief to Serve as Acting Executive Director for Fuel Cell Collaborative
(08-31-06) California Switches to New Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel
(07-24-06) California Air Resources Board Awards Hydrogen Station Grants
(07-21-06) ARB Funds $5 Million in Air Pollution Research Ship Emissions, Particulate Matter and Climate Change Targeted
(07-18-06) ARB Settles with Amrep, Inc., for $318,622
(06-28-06) MEDIA ADVISORY: California Officials Available for Media Enquiries on ARB Effort to get US/EPA Approval to Enforce Small Engine Regulations
(06-23-06) ARB Approves Changes to Portable Equipment Emission Regulations
(06-09-06) $299,000 Settles Heavy-Duty Diesel Violations
(05-31-06) Some Devices Marketed as Air Cleaners Dangerous to Public Health
(05-25-06) ARB Approves New Rules to Clean Up Forklift Emissions
(05-18-06) Symposium Highlights San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Studies
(05-10-06) The California Environmental Protection Agency and the Air Resources Board Proudly Present The 2006 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards
(05-04-06) ARB Chairman Joins Jiminy Cricket To Present Awards For The 2006 California Environmentality Challenge
(04-27-06) ARB Chairman to Co-Chair the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative (En Espanol)
(04-25-06) El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos Aprueba Plan de Reducción de Emisiones para los Puertos de California
(04-20-06) Air Resources Board Approves Emission Reduction Plan for California Ports
(03-16-06) ARB Increases Inspections of Waste Collection Vehicles
(02-24-06) ARB Applauds Diesel Identification Ruling
(02-23-06) Air Resources Board Approves School Bus Program
(02-23-06) El Consejo de Recursos Atmosféricos Aprueba Programa para Autobuses Escolares Mas Limpios
(01-26-06) California Identifies Second-Hand Smoke as a "Toxic Air Contaminant"
(01-26-06) California Identifica El Humo de Segunda Mano Como un "Contaminante Tóxico del Aire"
(01-18-06) $762,416 Settles Engine Certification Violations
(01-09-06) Portable Services Company Settles with Air Resources Board for $100,000

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