ARB News Releases for 2005

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.


News Releases

(12-21-05) Chrysler Agrees to Recall OBD Systems and Extend Catalytic Converter Warranties on More Than 90,000 Trucks and Vans
(12-16-05) Attorney General Files $20 Million Complaint Against Yamaha
(12-08-05) Air Resources Board Adopts Measures to Reduce Emissions from Goods Movement Activities
(11-22-05) Air Resources Board Cuts Agreement With Volvo to Extend Warranty for Faulty Emissions Component
(11-17-05) ARB Adopts Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Onboard Cruise Ship Incineration
(11-01-05) Carbon Monoxide: A Winter Months' Health Threat (En Espanol)
(10-24-05) Air Resources Board Adopts Rule Limiting "Unnecessary Idling" of Heavy Duty Trucks
(09-29-05) Secondhand Smoke Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer in Pre-menopausal Women
(09-15-05) ARB Upgrades Clean Gas Can Rules
(09-09-05) ARB Passes Emergency Amendment to Increase California Gas Supply and Ease Pressure on Gulf States
(08-25-05) ARB Chair Cindy Tuck Objects to NHTSA CAFE Statements
(08-10-05) Carpool Lanes Now Allow Single Occupants in Clean and Efficient Vehicles
(08-05-05) RV Manufacturer and Dealer Settle with Air Resources Board for Illegal Sale of Motor Homes
(07-21-05) ARB Adopts On-Board Diagnostic Requirement for Big Rigs
(06-24-05) Agenda Established to Reduce Diesel Emissions from Railyards
(06-23-05) Air Resources Board Sets Stage for Large Dairy Rules
(06-20-05) ARB Applauds the Public Utility Commission's Action for Agricultural Pumps as a Boon to Clean Air
(06-06-05) ARB Announces In Use Testing for Heavy Duty Trucks
(05-16-05) Insecticide Producer Settles with Payment of $100,000
(05-04-05) New ARB Planning Tool Addresses Community Public Health Issues
(04-28-05) California Adopts New Ozone Standard Children’s Health Focus of New Requirement
(04-19-05) Polluters' Lawsuit has Court Hearing on Earth Day
(03-17-05) Air Board Forwards Indoor Air Quality Report to Legislature
(02-23-05) Enforcement of Regulation Curtailing Diesel Garbage Truck Emissions Begins
(01-31-05) ARB Begins Enforcement of Idling Vehicle Rule
(01-20-05) ARB Approves $2.4 Million in Research Contracts
(01-20-05) ARB Warns, Danger from Popular "Air Purifying" Machines
(01-03-05)   $500,000 Settles Clean Air Violations by MOC

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