ARB News Releases for 2004

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.


News Releases

(12-21-04) $404,500 Settles Violations of Clean Air Regulations for Off-Road Engines
(12-10-04) ARB Enforces Software Regulation Upgrade for Big-Rig Trucks
(12-02-04) Spot Remover Manufacturer Settles with Payment of $165,000
(12-01-04) Three Motorcycle Distributors Settle $610,000 in Smog Violations
(11-18-04) Approved Measures Improve Air Quality through Refinement of Protocols for Fuel Use, Mixture, and Distribution
(11-12-04) Carbon Monoxide: A Winter Months' Health Threat
(11-09-04) New Program to Encourage Electrically Powered Irrigation Pumps
(11-04-04) Two Diesel Fleet Companies Settle Emissions Violations
(10-28-04) ARB Approves San Joaquin Valley State Implementation Plan
(09-24-04) ARB Approves Greenhouse Gas Rule
(09-22-04) Media Advisory: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Control Regulation to be Considered
(08-11-04) Online Site Available to Map California Sources of Pollution
(08-06-04) ARB Releases Final Report on Greenhouse Gases Emission Proposal
(07-22-04) ARB Adopts Heavy-Duty Diesel Idling Control Measure
(07-13-04) Media Advisory: Free Software Upgrade for Diesel Engines
(07-09-04) Media Advisory: Environmental Justice Workshop on Climate Change (Pacoima)
(07-08-04) Air Quality Violations: $105,000 in Settlements for Sale of Non-Certified Products
(07-06-04) Media Advisory: Environmental Justice Workshop on Climate Change (Fresno)
(07-02-04) Media Advisory: Environmental Justice Workshop on Climate Change (Oakland)
(06-24-04) ARB's 10-Year Children's Health Study Complete
(06-14-04) ARB Releases Draft Proposal to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cars
(05-11-04) ARB Applauds USEPA Action to Clean Diesel Engine Emissions
(04-21-04) Six Transit Agencies Pay Clean Air Violation Fines
(04-21-04) Two Custom Chassis Companies Pay Settlements
(04-14-04) Wal-Mart Pays Settlement  for the Sale of Uncertified SmallOff-Road Engines
(03-29-04) Air Board Settles Five Enforcement Cases for $154,000
(03-25-04) ARB Requires Lower Emissions from In-Use Big-Rig Trucks
(02-27-04) ARB Approves Five Diesel Control Measures
(02-17-04) Building Materials Manufacturer Pays $350,000 Settlement
(01-22-04) Asian Particulate Matter Transport
(01-21-04) Volkswagen Pays $552,500 Settlement
(01-15-04) ARB holds SIP Summit: Stakeholders exchange ideas about how to achieve 2010 clean air goals.
(01-12-04) Media Advisory: Summit on the State Implementation Plan -- Defining the Path to Clean Air

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