ARB News Releases for 2003

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.


News Releases

(12-30-03) Garbage Burning Now Banned Statewide
(12-12-03) ARB Gets Good News in Gasoline Status Report
(12-09-03) Auto Manufacturers Pay $110,000 in Settlements
(12-05-03) California Air Monitoring Network Assessment: Current Network Adequate, Neighborhood Monitoring Recommended
(11-24-03) Air Board Chairman Receives Hydrogen Award
(11-21-03) ARB approves research plan for 2004-2005
(11-07-03) Air Monitoring at Oak Ridge High School Soccer Field Shows Asbestos Mitigation Project Was Successful
(11-06-03) Conair Corporation Settles with Paymanet of $225,000
(10-30-03) Carbon Monoxide: A Winter Months' Health Threat
(10-29-03) Air Board Approves South Coast Clean Air Plan
(10-15-03) Air Quality Inside School Buses Unhealthy
(10-01-03) Fresno Diesel Fuel Terminal to Help Valley Farmers
(09-22-03) Media Advisory: Showcase of Automobiles; Cutting Edge of Low Emission Technology
(09-08-03) Enforcement Action Settlements Total More Than $200,000
(07-24-03) Air Board Requires Cleaner Diesel Fuel
(07-21-03) Mazda of America Agrees to $1 Million Settlement
(06-26-03) Air Board Approves San Joaquin Valley Particulate Plan
(06-25-03) Media Advisory: State Air Board to Consider San Joaquin Valley Particulate Plan
(06-13-03) Portable Classroom Study: A Report to the Legislature
(06-11-03) Car Rental Companies Pay $185,000 in Settlements
(05-22-03) Air Board Acts to Reduce Pollution Transport
(05-20-03) Air Board Welcomes Hewlett Fellowship Winner
(04-24-03) ARB Modifies Zero Emission Vehicle Regulation
(03-25-03) Media Advisory: Zero-Emission Vehicle Hearing March 27-28
(03-10-03) Media Advisory: Climate Change International Vehicle Technology Symposium
(03-05-03) Media Advisory: ARB Releases Revisions to Zero Emission Vehicle Rule
(02-24-03) Hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits Increase Following High Particulate Matter Episodes, Study Finds
(02-13-03) Media Advisory: ARB postpones Zero Emission Vehicle Hearing
(02-11-03) ARB Requires GM Warranty Extensions On 700,000 '96-'01 SUVs, Trucks & Vans
(02-07-03) Recreational Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealers Pay Penalties Totaling $88,525 
(01-31-03) ARB Appoints New Executive Officer 
(01-30-03) Ford Settles with Air Board: Pays $1.14 Million 
(01-23-03) ARB Issues Woodburning Health Advisory 

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