ARB News Releases for 2000

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.


News Releases

(12-08-00) Air Board Starts Clean School Bus Program
(12-07-00) Air Board Approves Guidelines for ZEV Incentive Program
(11-30-00) Children's Environmental Health Protection Program
(11-28-00) ARB Issues Wintertime Carbon Monoxide Health Advisory
(11-20-00) California Air Resources Board Plans Tougher Requirements for 2005-06 Model Year Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines, Other States to Follow
(11-17-00) ARB Settles Air Quality Violation with Subaru
(11-16-00) Changes Approved for Moyer Clean Air Program
(10-23-00) Media Advisory -- Southern California Zero-Emission Vehicle Workshop Wednesday
(10-18-00) Study Links Lung Growth Rate in Children With Pollution
(09-28-00) ARB Adopts Diesel Emissions Reduction Plan
(09-26-00) Media Advisory -- Air Board to Consider Diesel Risk Management Plan
(09-08-00) ARB Maintains Drive to Zero Emissions
(09-05-00) Media Advisory -- Zero-Emission Vehicle Meeting
(08-17-00) ARB's ZEVent a Success
(08-15-00) Media Advisory -- 100 Electric Vehicles to be Showcased at ZEVent
(07-26-00) ARB Announces New Community Health Program
(07-20-00) ARB Strengthens Asbestos Air Toxic Control Measure
(07-13-00) ARB Releases Proposed Risk Reduction Plan for Diesel PM Emissions
(07-12/2-00) ARB Releases Smog Check II Report
(07-12-00) Media Advisory -- Diesel Risk Management Plan
(06-22-00) ARB Cuts Smog-Forming Emissions from Spray Products, Revises Architectural Coatings Measure
(06-08-00) ARB Announces Agriculture Air Quality Committee
(05-26-00) ARB Settles Air Quality Violation with Volvo
(05-24-00) ARB Posts Battery Report Summary on Web Site
(05-01-00) Media Advisory -- Indoor Air Quality Symposium
(04-27/2-00) ARB to Hold Smog Check II Workshop
(04-27-00) ARB Adopts Airborne Toxic Control Measure for Automotive Consumer Products
(03-23/2-00) Air Board Requires Modernization of Gasoline Vapor Recovery Systems
(03-23-00) ARB Amends Statewide Agricultural Burning Guidelines
(03-21-00) ARB Settles Air Quality Violations for the Winter
(02-24-00) ARB Cuts Emissions from Transit Buses
(02-22-00) ARB Solicits ICAT Applications from Businesses
(01-26-00) Media Advisory: ARB Proposes Lower Emissions For Transit Buses

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