ARB News Releases for 1998

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

1998 News Releases
(12-31-98) Southland Made Clean Air Progress in 1998
(12-11-98) ARB Increases Allowable Amount of Ethanol in California Gasoline
(12-10/2-98) ARB Approves Rules for Voluntary Vehicle-Retirement Programs
(12-10-98) ARB Acts to Reduce Marine Engine Pollution
(12-08-98) Media Advisory - Marine Engines
(11-24-98) ARB Issues Wintertime Carbon Monoxide Health Advisory
(11-18-98) Research Breakthroughs Benefit California Air Quality
(11-09/2-98) Workshop Scheduled to Discuss $25 Million Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Replacement Program
(11-09-98) Media Advisory - LPG Workshop
(11-05-98) ARB Continues California's World Leadership in Auto Emission Standards
(11-03-98) ARB to Consider New Vehicle Emission Standards -- Board Also to Receive Ballard Fuel Cell Demonstrator Unit
(10-30-98) ARB Starts Pilot Auto Scrapping Project to Reduce Smog
(10-23-98) Media Advisory - Reports Released
(10-22-98) ARB Reaches Settlement with Six Diesel Manufacturers
(10-22-98) ARB Adopts Tighter Emission Standards for Off-Road Work Vehicles and Engines
(10-19-98) Toxic Emissions from Diesel-Fueled Engines Risk Management Moves Forward
(10-14-98) Nine Oil Companies Accused of Selling Non-ARB Gasoline in Southern California
(10-13-98) ARB Institutes Electric Vehicle Loan Program
(10-05-98) ARB to Host Motorcycle Regulations Discussion
(09-22-98) Media Advisory - Rice Fund
(09-21-98) ARB Celebrates National Pollution Prevention Week
(09-18-98) Media Advisory - LEV II
(09-16-98) ARB Chairman Dunlap Asks U.S. Senate to Halt Oxygenate Mandate
(09-15-98) ARB to Receive Fuel Cell Unit
(09-11-98) ARB Settles Air Quality Violations for the Month of August
(09-09-98) Fair Offers a Look at Clean-Air Future of Transportation
(09-02-98) ARB Orders Repair Plan for 330,000 Toyota and Lexus Autos
(08-27-98) ARB Identifies Diesel Particulate Emissions as a Toxic Air Contaminant
(08-21-98) ARB Settles Fuel Violation Case with Equilon Enterprises
(08-20-98) $2 Million Available for Rice Straw Projects; ARB Issues Invitation for Grant Requests
(08-04-98) Air Board Reaches $250,000 Settlement with Mitsubishi
(07-31-98) Market-Based Approach Zero Emission Vehicle Program Working for Californians
(07-30-98) ARB Begins Consideration of Diesel Exhaust as Air Toxic
(07-29-98) State Air Board Evaluates Mendocino APCD, Makes Recommendations to Improve Air Quality
(07-28-98) ARB Settles Air Quality Violations for the Month of July
(07-20-98) Air Board Holds Emissions Workshop
(07-17-98) Mazda Certifies Ultra-Low Emission Protege
(07-10-98) ARB Settles with Redding Petroleum Over Illegal Diesel Fuel Sales
(07-07-98) ARB Settles Allou Health and Beauty Care, Inc. Hair Spray Case
(06-26-98) Children's Health Study Update
(06-25-98) California: USEPA Decision to Redesignate Bay Area 'Defies Logic'
(06-16-98) California, New Jersey and Canada Environmental Agencies Join Forces to Evaluate Ballard Fuel Cell
(06-15-98) California and Canada Sign Reciprocity Agreement on Environmental Technology Certification Programs
(06-12-98) Media Advisory - Diesel as TAC
(06-09-98) ARB Chairman Welcomes Start-Up of Smog Check II
(06-08-98) ARB Announces Settlement with Honda to Extend Emission Warranties
(06-05-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Colusa Air Quality Forum
(06-04-98) ARB Settles Kiwi Brands and COSTCO Corporation Consumer Products Enforcement Cases
(06-03-98) State Starts Up 'Smog Check' for Diesel Trucks and Buses
(06-02-98) Media Advisory - Truck & Bus Smoke Inspections
(06-01-98) Media Advisory - Palm Desert Forum
(05-29-98) Media Advisory - Truck & Bus Smoke Inspections
(05-22-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Riverside Air Quality Forum
(05-21-98) Three Companies Awarded $2 Million to Advance Rice Straw Alternatives
(05-12-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Bakersfield Air Quality Forum
(05-11-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Fresno Air Quality Forum
(05-07-98) Media Advisory - Sacramento Air Quality Line
(05-05-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Concord Air Quality Forum
(05-04-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Placerville Air Quality Forum
(04-29-98) Haze Over California Skies
(04-27-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in San Diego Air Quality Forum
(04-23-98) Dunlap Testifies at Congressional Hearing on H.R. 630
(04-21-98) ARB Conducts Bay Area AQMD Program Evaluation
(04-20-98) ARB Settles Gelson's and Mayfair Hair Spray Case
(04-16-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Sacramento Air Quality Forum
(04-13-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Ventura Air Quality Forum
(04-10-98) ARB Endorses Recommendation for Staff Assistance in Advanced Emission Reduction to Local Districts
(04-10-98) ARB Releases CD-ROM with Seventeen Years of Air Quality Data
(04-09-98) ARB Seeks Public Participation in Air Quality Forums
(04-03-98) Media Advisory - Rice Fund
(03-24-98) Media Advisory - Small Engines
(03-05-98) Cal/EPA Response to USEPA's Concurrence on Ten California Cities in Attainment for Carbon Monoxide: It's About Time
(02-24-98) Media Advisory - SIP Revision
(02-19-98) ARB Settles Ventura Drug Store Hair Spray Case
(02-11-98) Rice Crop Infestation in Three Counties Leads to Emergency Burn Agreement
(02-04-98) ARB and GM Settle on Illegal Vehicle Sales
(01-27-98) Media Advisory - Board Meeting
(01-09-98) ARB Negotiates Voluntary Recall of GM Trucks

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