ARB News Releases for 1997

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

1997 News Releases
(12-11-97) Air Board Approves Diesel Truck and Bus Inspection Programs
(12-09-97) Media Advisory/Photo Opportunity - Truck & Bus Smoke Inspections
(12-05-97) ARB Offers Free Diesel Vehicle Inspections
(11-26-97) ARB Issues Wintertime Carbon Monoxide Health Advisory
(11-18-97) San Joaquin Valley Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-18-97) Santa Barbara Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-17-97) Ventura County Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-17-97) Placer County Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-14-97) ARB Approves 1998 Hotspots Fees
(11-13-97) Mojave Air District Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-13-97) Antelope Valley Air District Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-13-97) Eastern Kern County Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-12-97) Imperial County Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-12-97) Butte County Enjoying Cleanest Air in Years
(11-07-97) Media Advisory - Ag Burn Line
(10-23-97) Environmental Tobacco Smoke Report Forwarded to Department of Health Services
(10-01-97) Media Advisory - Environmental Tobacco Smoke Report Released
(09-25-97) ARB Approves Rice-Burning Proposal: Forwards Plan to Legislature
(08-27-97) Hayward Lab to Perform ARB's In-Use Motor Vehicle Testing
(08-21-97) Cal/EPA Responds to U.S. EPA's Redesignation of the Bay Area AQMD
(07-24-97) ARB Adopts Additional Consumer Products Regulations
(07-24-97) ARB Adopts New Test Procedures to Reflect Real-World Driving Conditions
(07-16-97) ARB Chairman Responds to U.S. EPA's Adoption of Federal Clean-Air Standards
(07-01-97) Antelope Valley Creates First New Air District in Five Years
(06-30-97) ARB Audits Sacramento Air Quality Program
(06-26-97) ARB Approves San Joaquin Particulate Control Plan
(06-18-97) ARB Announces GM Recall
(06-11-97) ARB Launches Comprehensive Southland Smog Study
(06-10-97) Launch of Southern California Ozone Study
(06-03-97) ARB Announces $1.3 Million Settlement with General Motors
(05-22-97) Air Board Creates Emission Credits Standards
(05-09-97) ARB and OEHHA Release Diesel Toxics Report
(04-24-97) ARB Identifies Inorganic Lead as a Toxic Air Contaminant
(04-21-97) Media Advisory/Photo Opportunity - EV at Auburn School
(04-01-97) Media Advisory - Rice Straw Burning Phase-Down
(03-27-97) ARB Adopts Portable Equipment Registration Program
(03-26-97) Media Advisory/Photo Opportunity - Portable Equipment
(01-22-97) Media Advisory - Board Meeting
(01-17-97) San Joaquin Valley Air Quality Study Final Report Released
(01-17-97) Media Advisory - World Car Conference
(01-15-97) Media Advisory - Federal Ozone & PM Standards
(01-09-97) ARB Aids Flood Victims: Temporarily Relieves Burn Limits

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