ARB News Releases for 1996

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

1996 News Releases
(12-10-96) Media Advisory - Federal Ozone & PM Standards
(12-04-96) Media Advisory - GM EV1
(11-21-96) ARB Auto Pollution Program Proves Cost-Effective
(11-18-96) Carbon Monoxide Heath Advisory
(10-22-96) Consumer Reports Study Supports California's Cleaner-Burning Gasoline
(10-18-96) Rice Crop Infestation in Two Counties Leads to Emergency Burn Agreement
(10-10-96) Fuel-Economy Reduction from Cleaner-Burning Gas Within Expected Range, According to Statistics
(10-09-96) Media Advisory - ZEV Advisory Committee
(09-19-96) ARB Announces National Heavy Equipment Accord
(09-11-96) ARB Announces New General Counsel
(08-07-96) ARB Announces Recall
(07-25-96) ARB Appoints Michael Kenny as New Executive Officer
(07-25-96) ARB Streamlines Toxic "Hot Spots" Reporting Requirements
(07-22-96) ARB Announces ZEV Advisory Committee, Contributes to Super-Car Research Project
(07-08-96) ARB Executive Officer Announces Resignation
(07-02-96) Benzene Levels in California's Air Drop Sharply After Introduction of Cleaner-Burning Gasoline
(06-12-96) Media Advisory - Board Meeting
(06-10-96) California Represented at Final Meeting of Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission
(05-29-96) Media Advisory - Grand Canyon
(05-17-96) Media Advisory - Enforcement Symposium
(04-26-96) Cleaner-Burning Gasoline Not a Major Factor In Gas Price Increases, ARB is Told
(04-23-96) Media Advisory - Diesel Prices
(04-18-96) ARB Schedules April 25 Informational Hearing on Fuel Prices, Supply
(04-15-96) Project Uses Rice Straw to Make Paper
(04-05-96) Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission Holds California Hearings on National Park Visibility
(03-29-96) ARB Grants ARCO Emergency Diesel Variance
(03-29-96) Consumer Driven Electric Vehicle Introduction Adopted by ARB
(02-08-96) ARB Announces Proposed Agreement With Automakers for Zero-Emission Vehicles
(01-30-96) Nobel Prize Winner Appointed to ARB Scientific Panel
(01-25-96) Help Program to Support Small Business has Successful Debut
(01-08-96) Carbon Monoxide Health Advisory Issued by California ARB Chairman John D. Dunlap

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