ARB News Releases for 1995

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

1995 News Releases
(12-21-95) ARB Orders Staff Proposal for ZEV Rule Change
(12-06-95) Cleaner-Burning Gasoline Performs Well in Vehicles, Equipment, State/Industry Panel Concludes
(10-26-95) ARB Approves Rice-Burning Proposal: Forwards Plan to Legislature
(10-06-95) ARB Adds Window Stickers to New Cars, Changes Medium Duty Clean Truck Standards
(08-29-95) ARB Convenes Independent Panel to Evaluate Battery Technology
(08-10-95) ARB Distributes Diesel Reimbursement Checks
(07-12-95) Board Member John Lagarias Wins Richard Beatty Mellon Award
(07-11-95) ARB Reaches Agreement with USEPA, Engine Manufacturers on Tighter Emission Standards for Big-Rig Trucks and Buses
(07-05-95) ARB Approves Rideshare Formula For Employers
(06-22-95) ARB Scientists Dispute Lead Acid Battery Report
(06-05-95) First-Time Approval to CNG Truck Parts
(05-22-95) ARB Announces First Phase of SJV PM10 Study
(04-07-95) ARB Welcomes James Schoning as Board Ombudsman
(04-06-95) ARB Approves Emissions Limits for Aerosol Spray Paints
(03-28-95) ARB Releases SCAQMD Budget Review
(03-24-95) ARB Loosens Restrictions on Rice Straw Burning
(03-02-95) Tests Begin on Phase 2 Gasoline
(02-08-95) Senate Confirms Three Members of the California Air Resources Board
(01-30-95) ARB Chosen for Renew America Honor
(01-26-95) ARB Authorizes Final Phase of Long Term Children's Health Study
(01-12-95) ARB Issues Carbon Monoxide Health Advisory

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