ARB News Releases for 1993

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

1993 News Releases
(12-27-93) Lung Association Clean Air Award to ARB CEO, James D. Boyd
(10-17-93) ARB Eases Clean Diesel Fuel Shortage
(10-14-93) ARB Sets Toxic Control Measures for Dry Cleaning Solvent
(10-12-93) Panic Buying, Supply and Demand Hiked Diesel Prices, Says ARB
(10-08-93) ARB Hearing to Review Effects of Clean Diesel Fuel Standards
(09-28-93) Nation's Cleanest Diesel Fuel and Winter-Grade Gasoline go on Sale this Week to Meet California Clean Air Standards
(08-17-93) ARB OKs Oil Company Variances; Insures Steady Supply of Diesel Fuel
(07-20-93) ARB Approves ARCO's Clean Diesel Formula
(06-25-93) Editor's Note:  ARB to Give Free Big-Rig Pollution Checks at Fresno Dealership
(06-16-93) ARB Certifies First Detroit Produced Electric Vehicle
(06-11-93) ARB Simplifies Reports for Industrial Toxic Emissions
(05-26-93) ARB to Test Junked, High Polluting Cars
(05-07-93) ARB Assures Diesel Fuel Supply as Cleanup Standards Approach
(05-06-93) ARB Wins Clean Air Week Bike Rally
(04-19-93) ARB and Mendocino County Air Quality Officials Settle Compliance Complaint with Masonite
(03-12-93) ARB Changes Anti-Smog Rule for Small Business
(03-10-93) ARB OKs Another Clean Diesel Fuel
(02-24-93) Clean Gas Program Cuts Wintertime Air Pollution
(02-04-93) ARB Approves First Van, Truck Engine to 1998 Tailpipe Emission Standards
(01-15-93) ARB Approves First Utility Engine that Meets Anti-Smog Standards
(01-14-93) ARB Rules to Cut Cancer Risk from Smelters, Metal Processors

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