ARB News Releases for 1992

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

1992 News Releases
(12-11-92) ARB Extends Anti-Soot Tests for Diesel Trucks, Buses
(11-17-92) State and Local Air Quality Officials Reach Settlement Over Emission Violations
(10-21-92) Refiners to Begin Selling ARB's Wintertime Gasoline Recipe
(10-01-92) State and Local Air Quality Officials Settle Imperial County Pollution Violations
(09-14-92) ARB Approves "Sootless" Bus Engine Powered by Natural Gas
(08-13-92) ARB Reaches Settlement with Oil Company Over Anti-Smog Rule Violations
(07-21-92) ARB to Set Rules for Pollution Credits from Old Cars, Buses
(07-20-92) Southern California Smog Levels Down Over Last Decade, ARB Says
(06-29-92) ARB Approves Low Polluting Household Air Freshener
(06-24-92) ARB Chairwoman Named to Project California
(06-02-92) ARB Approves First Cleaner Diesel Fuel
(04-14-92) ARB Approves Ultra Clean Car for Mass Production
(04-01-92) Registration Renewal to be Held Up for Cars that are Recalled but Not Fixed
(02-21-92) "Lead-Free" is Not "Unleaded"
(02-14-92) ARB Chairwoman's Response to Auto/Oil Study on Cars/Gas
(01-09-92) Anti-Smog Standards for More Household Products

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