ARB News Releases for 1991

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.

1991 News Releases
(12-12-91) ARB Sets Clean Gas Rules to Cut Winter Pollution
(11-22-91) ARB Orders World's Cleanest Burning Gasoline
(11-20-91) Public Hearing; World's Cleanest Gasoline
(11-19-91) ARB to Start 10 Year Smog Study of Kids
(10-16-91) Air Pollution Study
(09-18-91) ARB Chairwoman Honored for Clean Air Efforts
(08-06-91) ARB Approves Nation's First "Soot-Free" Engine for City Transit Buses
(06-20-91) State Air Quality Officials Testing New, Easy-to-Use, Anti-Smog Gas Pump Nozzle
(06-19-91) State Air Quality Officials to Unveil New Bellow-Less, Anti-Smog Gas Pump Nozzle
(06-13-91) Alternative Fueled Vehicles Available for Test Drives at Rose Bowl
(04-09-91) ARB Certifies State's First Compressed Natural Gas Bus
(04-08-91) ARB Demonstrates First Natural Gas Powered "Clean Air" School Bus

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