ARB News Releases for 1990

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The following news releases are listed in reverse chronological order. Also, please review our other news releases.


News Releases

(01-12-90) ARB Reaches Settlement Agreement with Isuzu
(03-05-90) Statement by ARB Chairwoman Indicates Need for Stronger Amendments to Clean Air Act than Those Proposed by Senate
(03-29-90) Statewide Radon Study Generally Reassuring
(05-04-90) ARB Co-Sponsors Air Quality Symposium
(06-14-90) ARB Tightens Tailpipe Emission Limits for Light Trucks
(06-25-90) Workshops to Update Fishery Projects
(06-27-90) Air Quality Officials Meet in Fresno Tomorrow
(06-29-90) Valley Smog Study Starts Intensive Phase
(07-16-90) ARB Curbs Dioxin from Hospital Incinerators
(08-10-90) ARB Cuts Emissions from Evaporating Gasoline
(09-13-90) ARB Sets New Warning Level for Urban Smog
(09-21-90) ARB Approves Stricter Ag Burning Program
(09-25-90) ARB to Consider World's Tightest Emission, Fuel Standards
(09-26-90) ARB to Consider Nation's First Emission Standards for 'Ultra-Clean' Cars, and Fuels
(10-11-90) ARB Cuts Smog-Forming Compounds in Hair Spray, Other Household Products
(10-16-90) California Joins West Coast States in Oil Spill Protection Effort
(11-07-90) ARB to Set "Smog Check" Style Emissions Tests for Big-Rig Diesel Trucks
(11-08-90) ARB Sets Smog Check Style Anti-Soot Tests for Big-Rig Diesels
(12-13-90) ARB to Consider Anti-Smog Limits on Small Utility Engines

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