This page last reviewed April 15, 2010

2009 ZEV Technology Symposium
September 21 and 22, 2009
CalEPA Headquarters, Byron Sher Auditorium
1001 I Street, Sacramento, California

In Resolution 08-23, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) directed staff to review the ZEV regulation, keeping in mind California’s long term air quality and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goals, and to return to the Board with an update and recommendation by the end of 2009.

In preparation for an update to the Board in December 2009, ARB staff will be reviewing the current status of ZEV technologies, conducting a ZEV symposium, undertaking a long term GHG analysis, reviewing California ZEV infrastructure needs, and analyzing complimentary policies to the ZEV program.

The 2-day ZEV Symposium will focus on the status of zero emission vehicle (ZEV) technologies. This Symposium is part of a broader staff effort to review the ZEV regulation and shift the focus of the program from criteria pollutants to climate change emission reductions. Topics for this Symposium will include current status of fuel cell technology, fuel cell vehicles, battery technology, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, ZEV marketability, and 2050 greenhouse gas reduction scenarios.

Here is some important information about the Symposium:

  • It is open to everyone and there is no need to RSVP or reserve a spot.
  • If you can not make it in person, the Symposium will be webcast.
  • Presentations are available on the 2009 ZEV Technology Symposium Program page.
  • The Symposium will not consider specific changes to the ARB ZEV regulation.