January 2001 ZEV Program Rulemaking

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In 1990 the California Air Resources Board adopted the Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program. The ZEV program is an integral part of California's Low Emission Vehicle program and is intended to secure increasing air quality benefits for California over the long term.

When the ZEV requirement was adopted, the Board acknowledged that many issues would need to be addressed prior to the implementation date. The Board committed to biennial reviews of the program to provide a forum for the necessary policy discussions.

The fourth biennial review of the ZEV program was undertaken by the Board at its September 7, 2000, meeting. Here you will find detailed information regarding the January 2001 ZEV program rulemaking. Since this 2001, there have been several changes to the ZEV regulation. Visit the 2003 ZEV Program Board Activities to learn more.

OAL Approval Process

Formal Regulatory Documents - January 2001 ZEV Program Rulemaking

January 25, 2001 Board Meeting
January 25, 2001 Board Meeting ARB Holds to ZEV Mandate- Press Release for January 25, 2001, Board Meeting - Includes Graphic Board Presentation (PDF - 127K)
Additional Background
Information for January 25
Public Hearing (Added January 19, 2001)

Cover memo outlining additional background materials developed by staff for the January 25, 2001 Public Meeting (PDF - 17K). The new materials are as follows:

  • Additional Proposed Modifications to the California Zero Emission Vehicle Program Regulations. (PDF - 130K)

  • Staff Reports on Non-Regulatory Issues

Formal Regulatory Documents for the January 2001 ZEV Program Rulemaking ARB staff released the Notice of Public Hearing for the January 25, 2001, Board meeting to consider possible amendments to the California Zero Emission Vehicle regulation. The Notice along with other other documents pertaining to the 2001 ZEV rulemaking can be found on this Regulatory Documents website.

October 25, 2000 - Public Workshop

  • Slides from the October 25, 2000 Workshop in El Monte (PDF - 190K)
  • Agenda and background material for Public Workshop to discuss issues related to the Zero Emission Vehicle Regulation (PDF - 42K)
  • Notice of Public Workshop to discuss possible modifications to the Zero Emission Vehicle Regulation (PDF - 18K).