2000 ZEV Review
Request for Copies of Reports


If you are interested in receiving copies of materials regarding the September 7, 2000 Zero Emission Vehicle Review, you can fill out this form and mail, fax or e-mail it to:

Ms. Ibyang Rivera Fax 916-322-3923
Air Resources Board e-mail irivera@arb.ca.gov
PO Box 2815  
Sacramento, CA 95812  

You can also download the following documents from our web page, which is located at /msprog/zevprog/2000review/2000review.htm

In the future, if you would like to be notified via email when new information is available regarding the 2000 ZEV review, you can sign up to the 2000-zev-review list server. To do this, please go to /listserv/listserv.php

Please send me:

  • A compact disc with the Board meeting notice and the four reports listed below. This cd can be used in your PC to open and print the files.

  • Staff Report for the 2000 ZEV Biennial Review, prepared for the ARB.

  • Advanced Batteries for Electric Vehicles: An Assessment of Performance, Cost and Availability, prepared by the Year 2000 Battery Technology Advisory Panel.

  • Status Report on the Fuel Cycle Energy Conversion Efficiency Analysis, prepared for the ARB and the California Energy Commission by A.D. Little and Associates.

  • Refinement of Selected Fuel-Cycle Emissions Analyses, prepared for the ARB.

Please send to:



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