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TRUCRS Online Reporting Help
Recover TRUCRS Username/Password (4 min)
Compliance Summary and Printing Certificate (6 min)
Compliance Options and Reporting Requirements MS 521.9 (2 hr 23 Min)
Reporting Odometer Readings (4 min)

Diesel Engine Information
Heavy-Duty Inspection Program (14 min)
Engine or ECL label, where is it located? (1 min)
A Truck Driver’s Guide to Care and Maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters (12 min)

See the TruckStop's Engine/ECL Label and GVWR Label websites for more information and photos.

Diesel Vehicle Retrofit Information: What Diesel Fleet Administrators Need to Know:

1-1 Program Introduction (15 min) 
1-2 How to Select the Proper Retrofits (15 min)
1-3 Retrofit Installation Requirements (13 min)
1-4 Essential Engine and Retrofit Maintenance Practices (14 min)
1-5 Retrofit Program Enforcement and Compliance (9 min)

See the retrofit website for more information.

Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas (TTGHG) Regulation Information
On-line Compliance Training (regulation overview) (34 min)
TTGHG - How To Report (19 min)

Drayage Regulation Information
Heavy-Duty Inspection at Ports of Entry (15 min)

Off-Road Regulation Information
In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicles Regulation Training (Class 504) online (2 hr 9 Min)
Large Spark-Ignition (Class 505) (2 hr 6 Min)
Creating a LSI DOORS Account (2 Min) (En Español)
Creating a LSI Fleet in DOORS (6 Min) (En Español)
Financial Aid for Cleaner Off-Road Vehicles (2 min)

Information on Clean Air Vehicle Technology
Diesel Forum: Moving Forward with Clean Diesel Technology (3 Min)
SmartWay Technologies in California Trucking News (3 min)

Large trucking fleet representative talks about 52 upgraded trucks in their fleet (2 min)
SF firm chooses hybrid delivery trucks (3 min)
Central Coast trucker talks about his cleaner-running truck (1 min)

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