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Top Diesel Related Topics

Listed below are topics and information available on the California Air Resources Board website. If you know of other information or topics that should be linked here, or if you find that a particular document is not accessible, please email Michael Donnelly.


Day (3 Day) Pass Exemption Form

Deadlines Frequently Asked Questions

DECS - Diesel Emission Control Strategies /Diesel Exhaust Filter:

   - Frequently Ask Questions about DECS 
   - Installation and Maintenance    - Financial Assistance For DECS
   - Training Installation and Maintenance Videos
   - Verified DECS Installers
   - Enforcement Program
   - Verification Database (assists finding a retrofit device for on-road or off-road engines)

Diesel& Health Research 

Diesel Emission Control Strategies Verifications 

Diesel Enforcement Programs

Diesel Filter Unavailability Extensions

Diesel Programs and Activities 

Diesel Health Effects

Diesel Fleet Regulations/Programs 

Diesel Fuel Program 

Diesel Certifications, Verifications and Related Links 

Diesel Off-road On-line Reporting System (DOORS) 

Diesel Particulate Filters(DPF), Diesel Emission Control Filters(DECs) or Sooth Filters,  (Currently Verified) 

Diesel Particulate Filters Installation and Maintenance Information 

Diesel Risk Reduction Plan Background

Diesel Risk Reduction Plan With  Appendices (FINAL) 

Diesel Tractor - Trailer Greenhouse Gas Short-Haul Exemptions

Diesel Truck and Equipment Owners Summary Requirements Multi-Regulation 

Diesel Vehicles and Equipment Information

District Look Up by Zip Code, City or County 

DOORS– Diesel Off-road Online Reporting Systems

DOORS User Guides

DOORS – Off Road Reporting

Drayage (Port or Rail Yard)  Truck Registry Help Information:

   - Drayage Truck Registration
   - Drayage Truck Regulatory Activities
   - Drayage Truck Regulations
   - Reporting Non-Compliant Drayage (Port or Rail) Trucks
   - Drayage Regulation versus Truck and Bus Regulation 
Driver's Guide to Care and Maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters

FAQ on Diesel Exhaust Filters / DECS
Fact Sheets and Documents Truck and Bus 
Fact Sheets / FAQs Air Resources Board
Filter and Credits Phase-In Option
Filter Diesel - See DECS
Filter Requirements For Diesel Trucks
Filter Unavailable Extensions
Financial Opportunities for Trailers- Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
Financial Resources
Financial Help For: Agricultural (California)
   - Drayage Trucks Exhaust Retrofits
   - Fleet Modernization
   - Exhaust Retrofits
   - Port Trucks Exhaust Retrofits
   - Rail Trucks Exhaust Retrofits
   - School Buses
   - Financial Opportunities for California Trucks- Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program Exhaust Retrofits
Fines, Penalties, Citations, and Enforcement Information

Fleet Average Calculators (Off Road Vehicles)

Fleet Calculator (Truck and Bus Regulation)

Fleet Rule For Transit Agencies – Transit Fleet Vehicle Requirements

Fleet Rule For Transit Agencies – Urban Bus Requirements

Fleet Reporting (Off Road Vehicles)

Fleet example page

Fleet Examples (large and small) - Involving Good Faith Efforts and Early Access To Expected Regulatory Changes

Fleet Reporting For:
   - Drayage Trucks
   - Reefer Trucks
   - TRU trucks
   - Rail Trucks
   - On Rail Equipment and locomotives FAQ
   - Off-Road Vehicles
   - On-Road Vehicles
   - Port Trucks
   - Non-Compliant Trucks
Fleet (Large) 53-Foot Trailer Compliance Information
Fleet (Small) 53-Foot Trailer Compliance Information
 Fuel (Diesel) Program 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for:
   - Agricultural Operations Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation
   - Deadlines Upcoming
   - Diesel Exhaust Filters (DECS)s
   - DECs Installation and Maintenance
   - In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation
   - Fact Sheets and Documents
   - Reefer Trucks
   - Small Fleet Compliance
   - NOx (oxides of nitrogen) Exempt Area Extensions
   - Low Mileage Construction Truck Extension    - Log Truck Phase-in Option
   - On-Road Voucher Incentive Program
   - PM Filter Availability Extensions
   - PM Filter Phase-in option Credits
   - TRU / Reefer Units (Brochures)
   - TRU / Reefer Compliance Guidelines
   - Enforcement Program
Funding Opportunities
Funding Resource Index

There are currently no pages for J

There are currently no pages for K

Railyard Options

Reefer Truck and Trailer (Refrigeration Unit Transport or TRU) Program

   - Brochure
   - Compliance Status Search Page
   - Enforcement Program
   - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
   - Reefer Webpage
   - Registration Log-in
   - Registration Help
   - Reporting
   - Reefer Truck and Trailer Regulations
   - Reefer Truck and Trailer Regulation Tutorial

Registry Information for Drayage Trucks

Requirements Compliance Summary Truck and Bus Regulation

Registration / Reporting For

   - Agricultural Trucks
   - Off-Road Vehicles    - On-Road Trucks and Buses
   - Port Trucks
   - Public Transit Agencies
   - Reefer Truck and Trailer, Log-in
   - Drayage Trucks
   - TRU (Transportation Refrigeration Units) Truck and Trailer
   - Refrigeration Truck and Trailer, Log-in
   - Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas

Registration Drayage Trucks

Registration for TRU, Log-in

Registry Information for TRU, Help Pages

Registration Website

Regulations Index

Regulation Information Menu

Regulations on Diesels of Heavy Duty Vehicles Operating in California

Regulation Program Training Seminars 

Regulation to Limit School Bus Idling and Idling at Schools 

Replacement Financial Opportunities for California Trucks

Report Idling At or Near a School

Report Commercial Vehicle Idling
Reporting and Registration Websites

Reporting For:

   - Drayage Trucks
   - Reefer Truck and Trailer, Help
   - Reefer Truck and Trailer, Log-in
   - TRU Truck and Trailer, Help
   - TRU Truck and Trailer, Log-in
   - Truck and Bus Regulation Reporting
   - Rail Trucks
   - On Rail Equipment and locomotives FAQ
   - Off-Road Vehicles
   - On-Road Vehicles
   - Port Trucks
   - Non-Compliant Port Trucks
   - Status Check
   - Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas
Reporting Status Lookup

Requirements for Diesel Trucks and Equipment Owners

Resources and Information for Financial Opportunities

Retrofit Financial Assistance For California Trucks

Retrofit Information For Greenhouse Gas Requirements

Retrofit Installers and Contacts (Off Road Vehicles)

Retrofit Installation and Maintenance Guidance (Diesel Exhaust)

Retrofit Visibility Background

Three Day Pass Exemption

Tickets, Fines, Penalties, Citation, and Enforcement Information

Tires - Low Rolling Resistance Information

Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation

Tractor-Trailer (Heavy Duty) Greenhouse Gas Regulations

Tractor – Trailer Reporting


   - Small Fleet 53-Foot Trailer Compliance Information
   - Large Fleet 53-Foot Trailer Compliance Information  


Training Videos on DECS Installation and Maintenance 

Training Video For Tractor - Trailer Greenhouse Gas Regulation

Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU or Reefer)

   - Advisories
   - Brochure
   - Compliance Information Help Page
   - Compliance Status
   - Enforcement Program
   - Frequently Asked Questions
   - TRU / Reefer Brochure
   - Registration Log-in
   - Operator Reports Help Page

Trap - Diesel Truck Exhaust Filters

   - See DECS
Truck and Bus Regulation Compliance Requirements Summary

Truck and Bus Upload and Compliance Reporting System

Truck and Bus Regulation

Truck and Bus Regulation versus Drayage (Port Truck) Regulation

Truck and Bus Reporting

Truck (Construction) Low Mileage Provision

Truck Stop Regulation Information Menu

Truck Driver's Guide to Care and Maintenance of Diesel Particulate Filters

Truck Regulation Training Events
TRU (Transport Refrigeration Unit) or Reefer Webpage

   - Frequently Asked Questions
   - TRU / Reefer Brochure
   - TRU / Reefer Compliance Status Search Page
   - TRU / Reefer Compliance Help Page
   - TRU / Reefer Registration Log-in
   - TRU Operator Reports Help Page
   - Enforcement Program

Transit Fleet Regulation Order

Transport Refrigeration Unit ATCM

Transport Refrigeration Truck and Trailer Registration Log-in

Transport Refrigeration Unit Compliance Search Page 

Truck (Diesel) and Equipment (Diesel) Summary Requirements Multi-Regulation
Truck Low-Use Exemption
Truck (Construction) Low-Mileage Extension

Truck News California

Truck Regulation Training and Events

Truck Stop Calendar Events

Truck Stop Email List Serve (Updates)

Truck Stop En Espanol

Truck Stop Funding Opportunties

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