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 Do You Need a Diesel Retrofit Filter?
  Buyer Beware!


Don’t waste time and money!
Make sure your new filter meets ARB requirements!


Things to consider when buying a filter:
✅ Is the price too good (40-50% under the normal cost)? This is a warning that the filter may not be legal.
✅ Before buying a diesel vehicle have it inspected by the engine dealership or authorized installer (if it is a retrofit) to ensure your vehicle meets ARB requirements. If your PM filter core is cracked or missing, it can cost you thousands of dollars.
✅ Installing a filter may not make your vehicle compliant unless you are required to install a filter by the engine model year schedule or a flexibility option. Check your requirements on the Truck & Bus Model Year Schedule.
✅ Did you contact a filter manufacturer’s authorized installer? If someone states they are an authorized installer, verify it! A list of authorized installers can be found at: /msprog/decsinstall/onroadinstallerlist.pdf.
✅ Is the filter on ARB’s “Currently Verified” list? Even if the filter is verified, it is still non-compliant if it is USED. A list of verified filters can be found at: /diesel/verdev/vt/cvt.htm.
✅ Did the installer perform data logging to make sure that the filter is right for your vehicle’s duty cycle?
✅ Did the installer inspect your engine to make sure it is in good condition and provide you information on the importance of filter and engine maintenance?

Important Facts:
- It is never legal to install a USED filter, and your vehicle WILL NOT be in compliance.
- The installation of an unapproved filter is a waste of time and money. The vehicle is still considered non-compliant with ARB regulations.
- ARB enforcement staff issue notices of violations (citations) to the owners of heavy-duty diesel vehicles retrofitted with non-approved filters. Illegally installed PM filters must be removed.
- ARB approved filters can only be installed by the manufacturer’s authorized installer on heavy-duty diesel vehicles or it is not legal. A list of the manufacturer’s authorized installers is posted on each manufacturer’s website and a courtesy list is provided on ARB’s website at: /msprog/decsinstall/onroadinstallerlist.pdf.
- ARB continues to enforce installer requirements. Installers know your requirements!

For more information, please see /msprog/decsinstall/decsinstall.htm.

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