Mobile Sources Certification Programs

This page last reviewed October 01, 2009


New motor vehicles and engines must be certified by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) for emission compliance before they are legal for sale, use, or registration in California. Certification is granted annually to individual engine families and is good for one model year. The following mobile sources are presently subject to ARB's emission certification: passenger cars (PC), light-duty trucks (LDT), medium-duty vehicles (MDV), on-road and off-road motorcycles (ONMC and OFMC, respectively), all-terrain vehicles (ATV), heavy-duty engines and vehicles (HDE and HDV, respectively), off-road heavy-duty diesel engine (OFHDDE) over 175 horsepower, small off-road engine (SORE) less than 25 horsepower, large spark-ignition engine (LSIE) greater than 25 horsepower, and spark-ignition marine engine (SIME). Please click one of the links below to find the certification data for the category you are interested.

Mobile Source Programs
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