Job List

A job list contains a repeating group of job items. To begin, wrap this module in a <section class="job-list">. Then use <article class="job-item"> to group each intividual job post together. Like other similar widgets, the list item contains the following child elements. .header, .body, and .footer each with their own child elements.

  • .title - The job position title
  • .filing-date - Date applications are to be submitted by
  • .position-number
  • .schedule - Expected work hours
  • .salary-range - Salary or salary range
  • .location - Single location

Note: Job items have additional classes on sub elements that may not be used in the current design, however they could be used in the future.


Source Code:

NOTE: This module makes use of a datetime property set in the ISO 8601 format. Be sure to set the time correctly for each job-item.