The following pages include example modules as well as documentation that describe the usage of each module. On any given page you will find a working example of the module, A description of the various classes used in the creation of the module, as well as the source code that you can copy and past from should you need to. The following pages help to serve as a styleguide as well as documentation.

Page Layout

Navigation Samples

Color Schemes

Content Modules

Components & Utility Content

Additional Bootstrap CSS & Components

We strongly recommend using the documented State Template Content Modules and Components whenever possible; however, for more CSS classes and options as well as components we suggest utilizing what is available in Bootstrap first, before developing your own custom code.

Currently not all Bootstrap functionality and components are available, below is a list of the currently supported features:

NOTE: When using custom components and content modules that are not documented as part of the State Template, migration to future versions of the State Template may require additional work.

Dreamweaver Templates

See more Panel types on the Panel Component Page.

Small Gallery in Sidebar

One of the gallery styles that are available for use in the sidebar is the small gallery and it uses a class of .gallery-small.

See more Gallery types on the Gallery Component Page.