Dreamweaver Templates

For those webmasters that choose to use the Dreamweaver templates, the following is a set of basic instructions for using the templates. This is not intended to be a comprehensive tutorial on using Dreamweaver. There are many tutorials and books on using Dreamweaver and templates. Please refer to those educational sources for any help beyond this documentation.

There are 4 templates provided, one for each template configuration.

  • 1 column
  • 1 column with ribbon
  • 2 column
  • 2 column with ribbon

The templates with "ribbon" contain the large header with the "swoosh" embellishment. The ribbon templates are generally recommended for use as a homepage template. The 1 column and 2 column templates without the ribbon are recommended for internal pages.

NOTE: If you are using older versions of Dreamweaver the rendering of pages in Design mode may not display as intended. This is due to Dreamweaver's lack of responsive layout preview capabilities.

Optional Slideshow

Pages created using the Ribbon templates include a special Dreamweaver option for showing or hiding the rotating slideshow module commonly found on the homepage. By default the slideshow is turned on in the template, but it can be turned off by going to the Modify > Template Properties menu in Dreamweaver and toggle the Show OptionalSlideshow checkbox. Below is a screenshot showing the option highlighted in red.

NOTE: Please refer to the Rotating Header Banner page for details on editing the slideshow