Preventive Maintenance Working Group

This page last reviewed March 16, 2015

This page is to be used by the Preventive Maintenance Working Group to post working documents.


1. EMA Engine Manufacturers Association

2. Emissions Control / Retrofit Industry

3. On-Road HD Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program

4. Common Engine Issues and Types of Diagnostic Tests used for Early Diagnosis

  • Use of Engine Diagnostic Tests
  • Fleet Surveys CTA/ATA
  • CTA, (Chris Shimoda)
  • ATA, (Mike Tunnel)
  • Emissions Service Unlimited, (Ian Frick)
  • CCDET, Palomar College (Sergio Hernandez)

5. Preventive Maintenance Procedures Used

  • Successes and Failures
  • Owner Operators vs. Small Fleets vs. Large Fleet Preventive Maintenance Procedures Used


6. CCDET Preventive Maintenance Information (Jess Guerra, Chairman)



Engine Maintenance Committee Members (March 16, 2015) .pdf


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